begging, dehomelessnessing 

after 3陆 yrs, me and my dad are finally getting a house! 馃帄馃帄 but for various reasons our money ran out before we've even moved in lol. we're getting the house no matter what so don't worry about that, but certain amenities would make this move make a lot more sense, like, gas to get free furniture, toilet paper, cookware, food before our food stamps kick in, phone bill, yk. i don't ask lightly but this coming week or two will be very pivotal for us 1/2

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re: begging, dehomelessnessing 

@Thuslyandfurthermore Oh, you're getting a place to stay? That's awesome!

re: begging, dehomelessnessing 

@Beret yeah!! it's a super nice one too! thanks to the va lol

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