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The other day I found out that my local library has no limit on how many items a person can check out at once.

I asked the librarian, "What's to stop someone from driving up with a UHaul and filling it up?"

And she replied, with a grin, "Ambition"

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I work at a library and until Monday we didn't have a limit either. Last month someone got "ambition" and checked out 151 of the community's books. They're overdue now and we don't expect them back. We now have a limit of 50 (which still seems like a lot).

@ron @ThisQueerBashesBack

Sounds like the local used book store pays $1/book, and someone needed $150 on short notice.

Yeah. Probably. Too bad the took nearly $2400 worth of community books to make $150 for themselves. Sounds like a Republican tax plan. 😕


@ThisQueerBashesBack @Efi I took at as a pun, like "if someone was ~ really ~ determined, they could find a way", but I can see it the other way, sort of.

(This could be me, and I'm good with that, but *shrugs* lol)

@ThisQueerBashesBack omg as a librarian, this makes me so happy. we have a limit of 75 of each type of item. no one reaches that point though really. most of the people with 30 or more books out are either teachers or...librarians XD