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Hey if you're in Portland, OR Metro area I'd be happy to:
-teach you sewing skills/projects (I've got a great technique for making menstrual pads, and all the supplies)
-share my unscented laundry soap
-get you into Costco
-let you use my shower, toilet or kitchen
-teach you to make a rope coil basket
-let you use my wifi
-let you use my printer

If you're interested, DM me with your # and I'll message you on Signal!

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Does anyone know of a website that has chat forums that are location specific,
and are also not discord or reddit?
The only results I'm finding in my searches are specifically support groups or churches.

Masto meta, - 

Since it's crystal clear now that Gargle doesn't actually care about any of us, what are some alternatives?

I'm queer, disabled, pagan, and socialist. I'd like to be able to leave fb too.
I don't have time for mailing lists and the like.

If you're working on a fork, please dm me and I'll give you my email address so you can let me know when your site is ready.

Any sympathy I might have had for @Gargron disapeared the moment I saw his toots.

I cannot adequately express how much I don't care about the minuscule amount of harassment this dude encountered.

I can't begin to describe how much I am unimpressed by his sense of entitlement and ownership.

This platform belongs to everyone who contributed to it, developers and non-developers alike.

"hot take", pet care 

Asking for a "small rehoming fee" to "ensure they're going to a good home" is just you saying that you think poor people don't deserve or can't care for pets.

chronic pain, studies, - 

Possibly the most frustrating part of this phenomenon is that because people are pressured to say that PT works, there's not research into other treatments.

So, when we've tried PT and found it doesn't work we're suddenly out of options for treatment.

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chronic pain, studies, - 

Whenever I read a study about my condition/s that says that patients experienced significant pain reduction following physical therapy, I feel like what's really happening is that people feel pressured to give a positive answer in order to not be neglected/mistreated by their doctors.

So many drs believe that if you're not "getting better" it's your own fault. They absolutely do drop you from care if you don't report improvement.

4th of July 

If your neighbors are boisterously "patriotic" and it's been a problem for you, put up a sign that says "Veteran with PTSD lives here, no fireworks please"

microfiction, shitpost 

You stretch as you open your eyes. The sun is streaming through a crack in the blackout curtains.
Downstairs you can hear the coffee brewing as your partner gets breakfast ready for the both of you.

When you're finally ready for the day, you swing open the door to hear a booming voice announce

"We've updated our privacy policy"

word usage, "unnatural", ponderings 

I've been thinking about the word unnatural lately. How folks use it mean something that "couldn't/doesn't happen in nature"


everything that happens on this planet, in the universe as we know it, happens in nature.

Humans are part of nature.
Everything we do, create, say, is part of nature.
We cannot escape nature within the universe we know.

Nothing can be "unnatural".

My partner is watching V for Vendetta, but wanted me to guess the movie (while it was starting) without seeing the title.

I couldn't remember the title at first so I'm just gesturing and going "uhhhhh maskface"

Hey folks
seeing a lot of (-) slipping by in the timeline right now.

Trying to get my own day going with some momentum. I'd give each of you some hugs if I could.

Take a break if you need it, you've got this <3

medical stuff, + 

Between my partner and I we made about a dozen phone calls today!

Got 3 appointments made, transferred an equipment script to the right pharmacy (that alone took ~6 calls ugh)

Got my Advanced Directive filled out, most of the way.

Now I'm working on my PT (it takes 2-3 hours a day cause of how much I need to rest between)

We're planning on my partner taking 1-2 sick days/month to help me out at home more. It's going well!

Of these, :boost_ok: is more important in my mind, because it lets you say explicitly that you're okay with people boosting what you've said (so you can avoid "can I boost this?"). There's already a "don't boost" feature in Mastodon (in the form of followers-only), but :boost_no: is useful when you want something to be available to your followers and anyone comes looking, but you don't exactly want it /spread around/.

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chronic illness, needs assessments, bladder symptoms 

Well here's some bullshit.

When a nurse does a needs assessment on a male client, they exclude the housekeeping, meal prep, and laundry sections of the assessment. Because even healthy/able-bodied men aren't expected to do these things for themselves.

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chronic illness, needs assessments, bladder symptoms 

The toileting section assigns a score of 1 to "Soiling or wetting while awake, more than once a week", but what if I can clean that up myself? If we're looking at ability to clean self, I'd score a 4. But 4 says "no incontinence".

These assessments are often the deciding factor on what level benefits people qualify for.

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chronic illness, needs assessments 

Some of these needs assessments are so ambiguous, or don't capture nuance.

For example, one question asks about ability to get around. A 0 score is applied if the person is bedridden more than 1/2 the time. Does this include if the person sleeps too much? If the person can get to the couch but then needs to stay mostly horizontal?

chronic illness, caregiving 

Hey, and folks, I'm putting together a complete list of tasks I can delegate to my caregiver (in an effort to help my partner know precisely what more I need from them, and to show the SSA folks what I need help with)

What are some of the more easily-overlooked things you have your carer do for/with you?

adult day care, bad web design 

So I'm looking into this stuff to see if we can afford to get me into one 1ce or 2ce a week.

I find the closest one and go to their site.

They left the instructions in one of the description fields. "Describe your service here. What makes it great? "

And the copyright at the bottom of the page/s says 2023.

Welp, I know where I'm *not* going.

PSA/FYI, Meals on Wheels 

They're not truly a "charity", and they're not about helping people who really need it.

-They don't operate on weekends
-They only serve seniors
-EACH meal is $7.39. (for comparison, on food stamps you get ~$2 per meal)
-In 2015, executive compensation was 11% of their TOTAL expenses. Wages for ALL other employees was only 20% of their total expenses. Executive compensation has grown considerably each year. (

chronic illness, request for information 

I'm at a point where I really need my partner home with me every day. I don't have SSI yet (my hearing is in July, but it could be months after it that I get the result)

I could really use info on US programs that provide financial support for people who caregive.

We are working on getting him set up as my state-paid caregiver, but that only provides 40 hours a month (at almost min wage)

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