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Hey if you're in Portland, OR Metro area I'd be happy to:
-teach you sewing skills/projects (I've got a great technique for making menstrual pads, and all the supplies)
-share my unscented laundry soap
-get you into Costco
-let you use my shower, toilet or kitchen
-teach you to make a rope coil basket
-let you use my wifi
-let you use my printer

If you're interested, DM me with your # and I'll message you on Signal!

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Does anyone know of a website that has chat forums that are location specific,
and are also not discord or reddit?
The only results I'm finding in my searches are specifically support groups or churches.

Masto meta, - 

Any sympathy I might have had for @Gargron disapeared the moment I saw his toots.

I cannot adequately express how much I don't care about the minuscule amount of harassment this dude encountered.

I can't begin to describe how much I am unimpressed by his sense of entitlement and ownership.

This platform belongs to everyone who contributed to it, developers and non-developers alike.

"hot take", pet care 


chronic pain, studies, - 

chronic pain, studies, - 

4th of July 

microfiction, shitpost 

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My partner is watching V for Vendetta, but wanted me to guess the movie (while it was starting) without seeing the title.

I couldn't remember the title at first so I'm just gesturing and going "uhhhhh maskface"

Hey folks
seeing a lot of (-) slipping by in the timeline right now.

Trying to get my own day going with some momentum. I'd give each of you some hugs if I could.

Take a break if you need it, you've got this <3

medical stuff, + 

Of these, :boost_ok: is more important in my mind, because it lets you say explicitly that you're okay with people boosting what you've said (so you can avoid "can I boost this?"). There's already a "don't boost" feature in Mastodon (in the form of followers-only), but :boost_no: is useful when you want something to be available to your followers and anyone comes looking, but you don't exactly want it /spread around/.

chronic illness, needs assessments, bladder symptoms 

chronic illness, needs assessments, bladder symptoms 

chronic illness, needs assessments 

chronic illness, caregiving 

adult day care, bad web design 

PSA/FYI, Meals on Wheels 

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