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Hey if you're in Portland, OR Metro area I'd be happy to:
-teach you sewing skills/projects (I've got a great technique for making menstrual pads, and all the supplies)
-share my unscented laundry soap
-get you into Costco
-let you use my shower, toilet or kitchen
-teach you to make a rope coil basket
-let you use my wifi
-let you use my printer

If you're interested, DM me with your # and I'll message you on Signal!

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Does anyone know of a website that has chat forums that are location specific,
and are also not discord or reddit?
The only results I'm finding in my searches are specifically support groups or churches.

Anyone else having an issue where the federated timeline repeats the some 3-4 toots about a dozen times, and when you scroll sometimes the space for a toot goes blank?

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Neurotypical people: Autistic people have rigid interests, see the world in black and white, and are not very adaptable - unlike us.

Also neurotypical people: My partner won’t let my son have a Peppa Pig lunchbox because it’s pink and pink is for girls.


you know i'm into S&M

(spaghetti & meatballs)

Antagonizing your kids isn't funny, even when it's harmless

world-building project but the twist is we actually get to live there

Saying we shouldn't regulate the capitalism we already have while we also work on abolishing it is akin to saying we shouldn't study symptom relief for cancer patients while we look for a cure.

Yeah, please don't do these things, thanks 😅
A friendly cyberawareness reminder that this Royal Wedding 'Royal Name' meme thing is quite literally asking for the most commonly selected online access/recovery Security Questions.