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Currently watching this webinar: Study and Struggle: Abolition as Study and Deconstructing Racial Capitalism

Talking about prison abolition, specifically in Mississippi

Includes closed captions and centers ASL interpretation

I highly recommend watching it! It's hosted by Haymarket Books

Uspol, waking up a boomer 

US Labour Day 

"It appears they timed the kill to occur WHILE his Vice interview was airing and Trump was tweeting about it. They likely knew his self-defense claim would be upheld and they just couldn’t have that precedent out there, and there was likely high level support for the killing."

happy labor day police are not workers and should not be part of any unions

i need to leave this house. my mom threw out all my pride stuff and all pictures of me. she completely trashed all my pride stuff

i'll do anything for shelter or a full-time job. i'd take a minimum wage service industry job or a tent in a back yard at this point

i'm in upstate. i can work remotely, or travel for shelter

please, i'll do anything

Craigslist, Trump 

ok yall i REALLY need to get the fuck out of here

anyone in the portland area looking for a roommate, or know of residential hotels i can go?

#housing #portland #oregon

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eviction, etc 

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Lying down but can't get under the covers because my cat is sleeping on them, and I don't want to disturb her...

us pol, radicalizing liberals 

Putting this out on the Internet because why not; if anyone in upstate NY east of the Hudson has even two acres of land for me and a partner to farm on, plus even just a little mobile home we could rent that's far enough back from the road to sleep at night, I'd like to talk :-)

Domain suspension suggestion 

asking for monetary help, boosts needed :boost_ok: 

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asking for monetary help, boosts needed :boost_ok: 


I'm going to assume someone on an instance I'm not federated with is whining about dogpiling...

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