So I see all these interfaces for a on , but (not being a frequent git user) I feel like I'm not understanding the point of them. Why not just use the actual 'git' command? Is there something I'm missing?

@TheNerdyAnarchist some people want to smooth off the rough edges of the tool, but really what they need is a different VCS in that case. Sadly github and the like have become synonymous with version control, so the proliferation of alternatives to git has waned significantly in the past few years.

@TheNerdyAnarchist Can you give an example of such git interface?
I started using git commands recently and I feel its really cumbersome, of multiple commands just to push or pull updates manually.

@Samurro there's tig, gitui, hub or lab - depending on if you use github or gitlab, git gutter - a vim plugin....

@11backslashes @TheNerdyAnarchist only uploading my config files, no clue if there is an easier solution :D

@Samurro @TheNerdyAnarchist ok, i do the same, and also had some frustrations around my workflow.

i would often forget to push or pull before making changes (push being the more important one).

thankfully, git has the concept of "hooks" that can be automatically run after certain operations. inside of: $config_repo/.git/hooks/post-commit i have "
git push origin master
and marked the script executable. note that the name has to be "post-commit" so git knows where in the process to run it.

now, every time i commit something with `git config -am $msg`, that script will automatically push. if i forgot to pull first, i just run `git pull; git push`. i almost never have conflicts in my config repo.

i tried having another hook script (pre-commit) pull with rebase before performing the commit, but ran into issues. maybe you will figure that one out.

@11backslashes @TheNerdyAnarchist Wow amazing, thats for the helpful information. Was also already thinking about how issues could arise if I forget to pull before pushing.
Also entering three lines just for something so simple like a makeshift "cloud file saving" seems cumbersome, but that could be solved by some form of scripts similar to what you posted already.

@TheNerdyAnarchist Even though I don't use them myself, because the ones I've seen seem poorly designed, I would use them if they weren't -- because I find GUI to be more compatible with my brain than CLI. I always have to look up command syntax and option names.

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