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So I see all these interfaces for a on , but (not being a frequent git user) I feel like I'm not understanding the point of them. Why not just use the actual 'git' command? Is there something I'm missing?

when you're sentenced to 3-4 years for exposing war crimes in Yemen while those who perpetuated them were rewarded, you might live in the most dystopic authoritarian state of them all.

Did my first full Arch install today in a VM. Took me a couple tries because I missed a couple things in the directions, but it's working perfectly well.

I'm quite proud of myself, tbh

Update: It looks like this bug was fixed as of version 5.17, which was fully released 4 days ago. They just hadn't closed the bug report yet.

Make sure your apps are up to date, folks!

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"where how"

I actually had to cut down the toot due to character limitations, and I still left that shit in there :/

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A bug this big could be *devastating* to Signal & isn't being given the urgency it needs. I feel like this is from deviating from its core purpose - safe & secure, E2EE chat - and opting to add a bunch of unnecessary "social" features.

See also the comment where how a person's mic was still audible after they'd hung up the call.

BUG: Signal sends additional images to people, sometimes even when the "sender" didn't attach anything at all

Someone posted on federated about Levar Burton, and I suddenly panicked thinking that I'd missed his Jeopardy! stint.

I was pleased to find out that it actually starts Monday, and I have not missed it.

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Tiktok is such a horrifying app. People are constantly misspelling & enciphering necessary & neutral words like “ableism” and “death” just to attempt to bypass the omnipotent Algorithm. But it’s easy for even simple machine learning these days to get past such ciphers. So people have to make their videos less and less accessible so they don’t get put on a list of dissidents, or just sanitise what they say to please the capitalist overlords. What a dystopian vision of the internet.

So an interesting concept I've only recently come across is Project Gemini. It's kind of like a subsection of the internet on its own protocol that's essentially all text with some light forms of markup.

No ads. No tracking. Just content.

I've been using a lot of terminal-based applications for web browsing, email, calendars, etc. for a while now, and I have to say, from what I've seen so far, I wish more of the web was more like it.

Day 1 of progressing toward barefoot running.
I tried cold turkey and my calves have not been happy with that. My physio has me on a progression plan that I'm excited to he executing on!

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Me: *opens website*
Me: *closes website*


ADHD is so damn frustrating. I woke up today and went to work on...something.. on my new webserver. That branched out into about half a dozen other small, "not really a problem" issues that I naturally had to follow the threads on.

I've now gotten all those little threads done, and I have no fucking clue what I was originally intending to work on in the first place.

I want to scream right now.

Domains have been purchased, and I'm just awaiting confirmation from a prospective host that they don't block SMTP ports by default (or that they'll unlock them without question), and I should have some of this up and running before the weekend's out!

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“This page is hosted on a Casio fx-9750GII graphical calculator”

…And it loads faster than 99% of your privacy-destroying tracker-laden bullshitware.

A non-federated Matrix server is another possibility I'm considering.

The issue becomes being able to afford hosting for this kind of stuff. One of the only VPS providers that I liked in terms of bandwidth and storage blocks SMTP ports unless you give them a "valid reason" to need one. They haven't defined what "valid reason" means, and were vague in their response when I asked about whether setting up a personal mailserver for family was "valid" enough for them.

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