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yeah tumblr sucked sometimes but at least they didnt rt/rb shit backwards

@ transmeds let me into your home so i can wipe your brain clean and use it to run minecraft with shaders at 60fps

i think e should be he eighth letter and h should be the fifth

im a fat fuck i like the rat fuck
im a fat fuck i like the rat fuck
im a fat fuck i like the rat fuck
im a fat fuck i like the rat fuck
im a fat fuck i like my mat sucked
i like my cat plucked i like my dad cucked

my thoughts on the issue are that pikachu goes pikapika and no one's gonna change my mind

federal government DONT READ THIS TOOT!!!!! 

They call it gay rights because the gays are right

dangan ronpaul is zero escape for people who know what steven universe is

If she’s your girl why is she clipping through my bed taking an incalculable sum of damage

if shes your girl then why did she go out hunting to attack me with a spear

chapo in one earbud, radiohead in the other
new juul pod ready to rip
mccafe k-kup brewing with chocolate peanut butter creamer
rad town a poppin'

i can tell its gonna be a goooooddd day today

sorry cant talk right now.. just spent all of my Action Points wiping my ass ://

i would love to share an extra-large two-topping pizza with komaeda. he could choose one and so could i. if that ever happened... i would be the Ultimate Lucky Hamster

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