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i should use this platform more birdsite is going down the shitter

i guess i should spend some time on mastodon since my account got frozen again

just got my twitter restricted for advising people to snap the necks of terfs

who do i kin to get teens to stop posting about whoever the fuck reigen is on my timeline

nsfw text 

are you going to drink protein shakes? or are you going to suck dick like a fucking man?

Undertale < OneShot < OFF < Yume Nikki < Hylics < Absolutely: A True Crime Story

whenever im in the backseat of an unfamiliar car i think "oh shit this is just like Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare™ and im about to be executed at gunpoint"

post about gun 

what would happen if you took a rifle, shoved it in the dirt and then kept firing and didnt stop

haters will see you pupate like a maggot and be like "ew what the hell"

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