Killed the break room conversation. "I draw the line when people are throwing things at the horses" they say. Maybe the pigs shouldn't bring horses then. Y'all blame the parents for being in bad situations." Bootlickers, I'm outta patience.

Heard back from the first job interview I've had in 16 years and got the old thanks but no thanks email. My mental health can't take this place anymore and I can't get out 😭.

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On of my favorite sayings in a democracy is "behind closed doors testimony" and other derivations.

The only decent paying jobs in my area is factory work with bull shit rotating shifts or class traitor work (mortgage loan officer or "corrections" officer). Late stage capitalism is a mo fo.

I recently had a job interview and loved all the suggestions online to interview the interviewer to make sure it's a good fit for you. What a bunch of bougie bull shit. I need to eat and get outta the current shit hole I work for. If I had options I would've already exercised them already.

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Can't help but appreciate the liberal notion of a diversity of oppressors Aladdin advocates. Being an anarchist ruins alot of things.

I genuinely worry about how much of my lifespan is being drained from the spiritual and emotional torment of my job. That's to say nothing of standing on concrete for 8 hours a day. Fuck capitalism.

Have there always been a stupid amount of cops shows or am I more ACAB and just notice the overwhelming amount of bullshit propaganda now? Feels like it's a Blue Klux Klan Lives Matter deal though.

Does The Gifted stick with ACAB theme or does it inevitably capitulate?

Welp. Terrified of bats but caught one who invaded my house and released it back into nature. Like to say I feel pride but mainly I'm still fucking wired.

So apparently renewable energy growth has slowed and is now half of what is necessary to meet the paltry requirements of the Paris Accords. R.I.P human species.

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"Not everyone can fight, or risk getting arrested, consider accessibility in activism" is very true.

BUT not a good reason to choose reformist movements if you prefer to do revolutionary work.

There are many many accessible ways to be part of and support radical work.

Be on the legal team, hand out the coffee, give encryption workshops, organize fundraisers.
If you can never leave your house, stop doing pointless petitions and start writing to prisoners. Very important revolutionary work.

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Let's say it again: at the bureaucracy level governments aren't ignorant about the likelihood of total climate collapse at all.

They've known for a while now. That's why they're militarizing borders and criminalizing aid to refugees. That's why they're trying to increase their control of their own population.

They're building fortresses in which to survive while most of the world dies.

So civil disobedience isn't going to change their mind. Their acceptable casualties run into the billions.

The loneliness of having a radically different worldview from the rest of the world is sometimes nigh unbearable.

One of the curses of small town living is most of the "good" jobs is working with the pigs.

You can tell liberals write Supergirl. All Manchester Black has killed are cops and Nazis. He's the good guy. All the "good guys" do is give the Nazis a platform.

Daughter is watching Beauty and the Beast and I can't help but hating the witch for her collective punishment and the bourgeoisie Beast for hoarding books.

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