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Why is Google pushing an ad for a #typosquatter to the top of its search results for "humble bundle"?

Fake site presents a convincing login screen, presumably aimed at stealing creds of registered Humble Bundle users.

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Since I rent a place at coworking space, now I am able to continue working on digital commissions. These are very last available slots for 2022 with pre-Christmas delivery. Slots are available until December 7th.
Can't wait to work with you, #fediverse
Place your orders here:

#art #MastoArt #fediart #CreativeToots #commission #christmas #ArtNouveau

"Right now we are through a turning point in the history of Eastern Europe" - The Combat Organisation of Anarcho-Communists (BOAK) discusses the situation for Anarchism in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus

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horror sequels that are pretty good

1. Evil Dead II
2. Aliens
3. Phantasm 2
4. Dawn of the Dead
5. Nightmare on Elmstreet part 2
6. Halloween III Season of the Witch
7. The Bride of Frankenstein

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Solidarity with the uprising of the people in China.

Revolution in Iran, Revolution in China, Revolution Everywhere!


I said at the start of Elon the incompetents reign that while I appreciated twitter warts and all, if Elon turns it into another far right machine like facebook I'd cut my losses. With the removal of the covid verifiers and the return of dozens of fascist scumbags and the banning of many opposition and independent media like Crimethinc its going fast in that direction.

Bizarrely one of the few potential saviours is the exodus of advertisers and the crumbling of his stock. Fingers X

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Right now, on Elon Musk's Twitter, the far-right troll who convinced him to block us is comparing us to ISIS, while Musk is still pretending to be a proponent of "free speech."

The comparison to ISIS is especially absurd, because some of our comrades died fighting ISIS while that particular troll's followers were murdering civilians in the US.

Read this eulogy:

Likewise, Musk is not in favor of "free speech." He is banning accounts like ours at the same time that he reintroduces fascists to Twitter.

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People are still fighting around the world, in Iran, Haiti, Myanmar, etc... it's important to not rely on algorithm-based and mainstream-media- news/info feed because they are systematically/structurally underreporting protests and mobilizations (and even more so in global south)


Not really into this but it did introduce me to Dr Nas Mohamed and the Alwan foundation. An NGO that represents queer people in the gulf.

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Another Lukashenko's lap dog Vladimir Makey dies. Hopefully dictator will follow soon. Makey was one of the people building up political power of #Lukashenko in West. Just some good news from #Belarus.

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the unofficial C64 port of the Eye of the Beholder #DungeonCrawler is out now

like the fan-made Amiga AGA version, it has a map as well

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please support movement elders Lorenzo Kom'boa Ervin and Jo'Nina Abron-Ervin as they prepare to move to Chattanooga after being priced out of their home in Kansas City!

"Recently, our absentee landlord, who lives in Australia, sent us an email message saying that on January 1, 2023, we will have to pay an additional $350 to rent the house where we have lived since April 2016. We cannot afford to pay the new rent and are being forced to move.

When we moved into the house, it was under a subsidized rent program created by a group of local real estate agents for senior citizens and low-income people. As a result, our rent has been low. The house is old, built in 1912, and is located in a low-income, inner-city neighborhood in Kansas City. Mr. Scrooge, the landlord wants us to pay $350 more in rent but won’t make the repairs necessary to make it worth the extra money. This is urban gentrification at its worst. Furthermore, the landlord is in violation of Kansas City rental housing regulations by not having a local property manager for the past five years. The house is poorly insulated. Consequently, JoNina and I have had to put insulation on the windows and doors to keep cold air out in the winter. This is a job for a property manager–not the tenants.

We have to move out of the house by January 1, 2023. As senior citizens, moving suddenly like this poses a threat to our health and security. We’ve not been able to find housing in Kansas City because of widespread discrimination against ex-offenders like me. We plan to move to my hometown, Chattanooga, Tennessee, where family and friends will help us secure housing. However, we must stay in Kansas City during January while we conclude our business here, including a medical procedure that I need at the Veterans Administration Hospital. We must rent storage space in Kansas City for our personal property, and we’ll have hotel expenses. Our total moving expenses will be at least $10,000."

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همه مردم ایران،
فردا یکشنبه در حمایت از مردم بی‌ دفاع مهاباد به خیابان بیایند.
Artist: ‎@sarmadi_design
Via Twitter @anonymousopiran

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