"Right now we are through a turning point in the history of Eastern Europe" - The Combat Organisation of Anarcho-Communists (BOAK) discusses the situation for Anarchism in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus


Not really into this but it did introduce me to Dr Nas Mohamed and the Alwan foundation. An NGO that represents queer people in the gulf. alwanfoundation.org/

One thing I did like about twitter is finding old cultural artifacts like this.

Yesterday I decided to embrace high culture with a night at the theater.

Went to a local museum a while ago. Had a very good railway section.

Saw this image on a thread that was taking the piss out of the premise. But for me, my eye was drawn to the price tag $17 and its 45% off! I asked if that's normal prices for books in the US, and the answers were essentially "not every book, but yeah around that". I'm seriously undercharging on my store page.

Reading a Trek book i found on my libraries app its an okay msytery story so far, found this bit very amusing though.

An English translation of the French Individual Anarchist Emile Armand's Les précurseurs de l’anarchisme a philosophical history of Anarchist thought from the philosophers of Antiquity to the thinkers of the Industrial Revolution.


A short introduction to the exploits of several women who took up arms to defend their communities and build a better world for all. Covers some key individual women, including the Communard Louise Michel and the Ortega sisters. Covers women participating in combat in many struggles from the French Revolution to the Cold War conflicts in Central America in the 1980s.


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English translation of Ĉu socialismo konstruiĝas en soveto? by Eugene Lanti and his comrade M. Ivon. The text is an early exploration of the still young Stalin regime and the development of the Soviet economy and society eighteen years after the Revolution. The work was based on Lanti's own experiences with the Soviet Union and its government as well as over a decade of correspondence with hundreds of Soviet citizens


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A translation of a speech by Wilhelm Liebknecht a Socialist leader in 19th century Germany. The contents of the speech are an attack on nationalism, militarism and capitalist morality and an appeal for international brotherhood and social revolution. It covers and criticizes early industrial capitalism and Bourgeois society for its failures to solve social issues and argues coherently that on the contrary they are often the root causes of these problems, from poverty to political violence.

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