Lets just climb and writhe on one another and bite into each other and exalt at one another’s failures and hardships, just endlessly program one another to dehumanize and deflect when asked to consider any other mode of interaction

let’s overlook and even use the adversities this person faced as an excuse to further belittle them, shit let’s make sure they don’t have a home or a job or a way forward to continue existing and jump up and down in excitement at the thought that someone bigger than me has been cancelled now and i can reclaim some shred of the very moral righteousness that snubbed me to begin with

but miss with me all this shit all this i need to get my two words in on someone i’ve barely ever interacted with, try to retroactively code myself as pure by feigning that i never rly fucked with this person

I get being petty, i get that trying to enforce some sort of ‘pc’ method of dealing with harm being done in yr community and the people committing it is hypocritical and weak-minded

i don’t believe that i have ever once even seen a callout occur that stopped at the supposed intention of ‘warning the community’ and leaving it at that

The amount of support I’ve gotten in regards to my earlier posts is overwhelming. It’s nice to know that there are actual leftists out there who do still believe in actual friendships and supporting your friends. Mutual aid!

Your silence in a less fortunate person’s time of need does not go unnoticed. I implore you to dig deeper within yourself to figure out why it is that you are so emotionally stunted that even saying “I see you” when someone needs support is too much for you to be asked to do.

toxicity within queer culture, performative friendships 

toxicity within queer culture, performative friendships 

toxicity within queer culture, performative friendships 

toxicity within queer culture, performative friendships 

It’s so frustrating living in a place that I can’t even afford food with food stamps. Looks like I gotta start budgeting for every individual item of food I get so that I can make my food stamps last 🙄

Hello and welcome to my anarchocommunist anxiety management workshop, Conquest of Dread

Why was I stuck in traffic today?

Oh right, because GM bought up and destroyed almost all of America's streetcars

Racist Fedi is OUT today 

character maker videogames be like pick your skin tone:
kinda yellowish white
ashy brown
muddy brown
jet fucking black
lurid red
piss yellow
sunburn orange
pale green
dark green
ice blue
sky blue
lurid purple
lurid pink
absolutely fucking deceased grey
white (holiday edition)

racism, abuse 

Stalking, (isn't) meta drama 

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