It’s so frustrating living in a place that I can’t even afford food with food stamps. Looks like I gotta start budgeting for every individual item of food I get so that I can make my food stamps last 🙄

Hello and welcome to my anarchocommunist anxiety management workshop, Conquest of Dread

Why was I stuck in traffic today?

Oh right, because GM bought up and destroyed almost all of America's streetcars

Racist Fedi is OUT today 

character maker videogames be like pick your skin tone:
kinda yellowish white
ashy brown
muddy brown
jet fucking black
lurid red
piss yellow
sunburn orange
pale green
dark green
ice blue
sky blue
lurid purple
lurid pink
absolutely fucking deceased grey
white (holiday edition)

racism, abuse 

Stalking, (isn't) meta drama 

Being neurodivergent is not an excuse to be a shitty racist. 🙄 why does there always end up being white bullshit every time I come back to this app

I wonder how many ✌🏽lefty✌🏽 WP would vote in favor of making it illegal for a President to be racist? If a candidate was required to get a certain percentage of the Blk/Brwn vote and undergo a psychological vetting process specifically for racial bias, how many lib WP would vote for it🤔?? Insert self serving ‘slippery slope’ argument below👇🏽

"Call me racist if you want" uh yeah I want to be accurate when naming and describing things

sex positivity as aphobic/misic and bioessentialist/patriarchical 

Last week I saw someone recommend as a way to make money from home by transcribing. Skeptical, I had a look to see if they were legit, and they seemed to be, so I signed up.

There's a small grammar and English quiz, and then a transcription test, to apply. If successful, you can see client transcription jobs and their pay-per-minute, choose whichever jobs you like, work as much/little as you want.


My grandma did a DNA test and so today I learned that the culture which was so much a part of my identity is not a culture which my family belongs to. I am unsure of how to unpack losing a piece of my identity like this.

I like it when ableists try to turn their lack of concern for the lives of disabled people back onto the person who pointed it out, as if they thought critically about disability for even half a minute prior to their retaliation.

"Actually, /I/ care about disabled people because... uh... I DON'T THINK ONE SIZE FITS ALL AND EVERYONE SHOULD DO WHAT THEY WANT! Yeah. See? You're the one that's harmful!"

Like if you want to kid yourself just shut the fuck up and do it privately.

@SallyStrange @falgn0n

It's like there's a meeting of comrades in wheelchairs discussing how to make the building more accessible despite the ableism they're dealing with.

In come a parkour enthusiast "not of the wheel" telling them that "all people" struggle to get around and ableism isn't the right focus!


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