Digs at conservatives for participation trophies are a weakness of mine.

@PrisonHipster cold war veteran makes me lose it.......glad ur proud of ur 4 year paid vacation to tropical okinawa or some shit.

@sirenhead I'm seriously considering ordering one. We're all veterans of Russiagate/Cold War 2.0

@PrisonHipster i mean yeah if you remember the russian invasion of georgia you're basically a cold war vet

cold wars 

cold wars 

cold wars 

@sirenhead @PrisonHipster "I was right in the middle of that period of geopolitical tension, I tell ya! I existed right at the same time! You ever seen a longstanding state of international affairs, kid? You can't understand it unless you've had to ponder it in the abstract the way I have!"

@PrisonHipster conservatives are the real snowflakes. Just burn a flag of the Empire and they're all outraged

don't forget to mention Veteran safe spaces :)

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