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Is creating an intelligently-run one-world government a goal of your political activism?

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Friendship? Again? 

fucked up how for the price of 2 or 3 coffees you could make 50 coffees


Sometimes I'll see something that reminds me that I still possess a shred of patriotism.

Hipster nonsense 

Mufos, it's been nice 

Bird Site; Might Be NSFW 

Even if it turns out the universe is a simulation it would have basically zero effect on pretty much anything. Physics would still be the same, a bunch of weird nerds would just be very smug about it

Vote: should we officially change the name of sour cream to "nectar of the gods"?

Ramses. Is number one. His arms. Are number one. His legs. Are number one. His eyes. Are number one. Ramses. Is number one.

Hey, those of you who have a shower that takes a long time to warm up: You ever start the shower, then poop, then your poop takes way longer than you expected and you start feeling guilty about wasting water?

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