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The ideal polycule is one that can be called upon to form a phalanx.

@alex It’s the best. I look up from my phone every once in a while, and I’m like, “damn”

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deadlines are among the worst constructs of the modern world

@commiequeer It may be that cop car that's on fire, but what's really warmed is my heart

Me: Do you know what's wrong?
Doctor: Just a few more copays and I'll have it figured out!

When I was in prison in Texas, they started selling a cheap cologne at the commissary. Some inmate genius labelled it "Oppression. By Calvin Klein"

Just stop believing (stop believing)
You can stop believing, stop believing

This blew my mind: politicians are pushing STEM education because they're tired of paying STEM specialists high wages. When the hiring pool is saturated with STEM types then the pay will suck.

Turns out jasmine tea has a floral taste. How 'bout that.

If you egg a house with colored eggs, is that being pastel-aggressive?

let the record show my favorite part of chicken and rice is the far drippins from the chicken on the rice

Regarding tea in PDX: If in doubt, buy it at Fubonn Supermarket. The $9.00 pu-erh tea at Stash is of the same quality as the $1.50 pu-erh at Fubonn. Same with genmaicha and gunpowder.

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