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Is creating an intelligently-run one-world government a goal of your political activism?

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Friendship? Again? 

I've finally got my life back together and recovered from prison. Now I'm ready to make friends IRL.

If you live in east Portland, reach out! We can get tea or coffee or walk up a butte.

Reyes keeps bringing up satanic rituals. Doggett fires a nuke that is also a crossbow at mutants.

It's not pronounced roof, it's "reuf." Get with the program.

Stop deadnaming my car. She's not a Toyota Prius-C, she's Harriet the Chariot.

fucked up how for the price of 2 or 3 coffees you could make 50 coffees


You ever flush a toilet and your poop disappears so fast that it makes you laugh?

Sometimes I'll see something that reminds me that I still possess a shred of patriotism.

Hipster nonsense 

I disapprove (without defensible basis) any and all North Americans who say "cheers" instead of thanks and think they're doing it just to sound indie.

So from here on out, to show that I can't be outdone, I will start pronouncing Z "zed."

Mufos, it's been nice 

Blah, I spend too much time on here. Will probably deactivate my account in the morning.

Bird Site; Might Be NSFW 

Anarchists in movies: *Angry mob breaking shit for no reason and throwing Molotovs everywhere* "CHAOS WILL RULE!"

Anarchists irl: "Hi, we're starting a community garden, you want to help? Great!"


This is me

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