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Friendship? Again? 

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The ideal polycule is one that can be called upon to form a phalanx.

Silver lining 

Have you ever smelled a daisy? They literally smell like a human anus.

There's an egg on your cat
and the yolk's running down

@PrisonHipster what a true balance of food. like eating a battery. positive at one end and negative at the other

I should probably eat something today other than donuts and kale

Spilling the beans 

@PrisonHipster cf. bell hooks, if you can't take it out of the ivory tower and walk it down the street, what good is it?

Q: What are the three most beautiful words in the English language?

A: Breakfast all day

Pretentious cat 

Just LOL if you don't pronounce the P in "receipt"

What terms do you cool kids use these days to refer to being drunk?

Is it a caffeine headache, or a lack-of-caffeine headache?

Better drink more caffeine to be sure.

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