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Liberal Women... 

Hillary over on Twitter trying to garner praise & attention for Amazon raising the wage. Praises Bezos, & calls out trump... but never mentions Bernie... the establishment is determined to lose...

We're not gonna impeach Kavanaugh, or Trump, we don't have a national platform, or anything we care about. We're basically going to keep riding this out until the gravy train ends, then join the fascists against the proles.

Bernie! Bernie! Bernie!!! 

everyone loves Halloween bc it's been claimed by the gays

it makes me sad that not only do people feel badly asking for help when they need it

but that they get harassed for doing so

please be kind to others. please help others when you can. please support each other to the best of our abilities.

Negative, weed comments 

Hallow-versary #14!!! 😁 

3 hours! 3 HOURS to make D&D characters?? I sometimes hate that the rest of my family are D&D nerds... SO BOOOORREDDDD!!!!

the facts are thuis:

* batman is a billionaire industrialist for the military industrial complex a.k.a. literally the worst kind of person imaginable

* wayne enterprises is the primary employer of gotham city, implying that its basically some fucked up Amazon/Bezos bullshit where the entire city bends over backwards to hand it tax credits while they underpay workers and keep them barely at poverty level

* despite making billions from defense contracts to bomb brown people worldwide, Wayne Enterprises ~somehow~ doesn't pay enough taxes to Gotham City to fund, say, mental health services. how curious

* so after creating widespread poverty and starving city services to enrich himself, batman spends his spare time beating up people who are failed by the system that he feasts from



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