Far-right relative Rick: The only thing that can stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.
Me: You’re so right, Rick.
Rick: Really?
Me: Yes. LGBTQ+ people should buy guns to defend themselves from people who would hurt them.
Rick: Well,
Me: Black people should buy guns to defend themselves from racist white cops.
Rick: Wait a minute
Me: Native Americans should buy guns to drive off the white imperialists who RICK WHERE ARE YOU GOING I AGREE WITH YOU

Don't eat the rich. Humans contain a lot of toxins that are harmful to humans, and eating them doubles up on that. Also they contain (obviously enough) human vector diseases that you can catch in a way eating another species you wouldn't necessarily; Compost the rich and use them to grow other crops instead.

Wow... well, I mean... Obama was a Socialist, right? So, sure! Nancy Pelosi's a Communist... Only in America...

boss makes a dollar
i make a dime
some suited cunt above us both
makes motherfuckin’ nine
boss just wants to keep their car
i need my medications
meanwhile that pompous fucker’s
on his sixth goddamned vacation
boss does the best they can
i do a wee bit more
maybe someday Upper Crust’ll
show us what the fuck he’s for

@lynnesbian My ex husband is from England. When we came to America for a visit, it was his first time. We were using the automated check out things at the grocery store. The robot voice was female & over pronounced "Thank you for shopping at King Soopers". But clearly to my English husband every word was funny. He would mimic that sentence ALL the time, for YEARS! 😂

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Another sign of getting old, u dont discover new music when its actually new anymore, so heres a song/collab I just found... from 9 years ago LOL
Boots Riley, Tom Morello, & Trent Reznor! WHAT?!?! 😍

Oh, HURRY Centrist Democrats! 2020 is just around the corner, gotta get on that Jeff Bezos bootlicking! You're gonna need those big Corporate donations for your run! I mean Trump cant win it all by himself...


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Wow! What a bunch of killjoys!
Glad I don't live in any of these places!

Teenagers Threatened With Jail If They Trick Or Treat | Care2 Causes

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It's really disappointing that one of my favorite movies ever has a scene shot in Trump gold plated Manhattan apartment. Watching Devil's Advocate for the first time since he became president, puts quite the damper on it. 😕
Al Pacino is still the best Devil of all time though 😍

Did you know that the most beautiful girl at any given point in time is the girl reading this?

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