video from birdsite but it’s worth it I promise 

video from birdsite but it’s worth it I promise 

I would say he's a fetid pile of feces, painted orange & wearing a wig, but that makes him sound at all useful. I mean at least feces can fertilize plants & be helpful in some way....

Really high, wife just blamed not having ice cream cones on The Russians™️ & now there is ice cream inside my nose Fuuuuuuccckkkkk LOL 😂🤣 🇷🇺

Have u all seen the "warning" that YouTube has placed on RT videos? Maybe this isnt new, I have no idea. But I do know that there are no links or little info warning things on Fox, CNN, or Young Turks. This is red-scare garbage & clear xenophobia & McCarthyism.

My kiddos Halloween costume, eye contact 

@IncenseBerner Thats really neat. When I was little my grandma (moms mom) had said she thought we had Chinese ancestors/relatives. I was a little disappointed when that was proven untrue.
I was pretty excited there was some Spanish LOL
Ive heard stories that my Norwegian ancestors were Vikings, & went to Greenland, but I dont have any verification of that.

I did & found out I am mostly German, Norwegian & Dutch. And a sprinkling of Spanish & Lithuanian.
My moms side is Pennsylvania Dutch, Amish, goes WAY back, Illinois area.
My dads side didnt come over from Germany until my great grandfather, who lived in Washington until he was 100.
Tara's family is Jewish, Russian, escaped to America when Hitler invaded Russia, on her moms side. We dont know much about her dads side.
Yea, should sell easily, 4 acres!

@IncenseBerner The NE is absolutely gorgeous! I am a HUGE fan of architecture, especially old buildings, & Boston is one of the most beautiful cities I have ever been in. Too bad I am a Yankees fan LOL 😂
Thats so cool that u have so much family history & connection there. And yea, I feel u on the snow, I am torn on these unusually warm winters we're having in Colorado, almost no snow anymore is nice, so long as I dont think about climate change causing it 😕

Oh thats cool. Sounds like u guys have traveled a bit? I spent some time in the NY/Boston area. Worked at a AIDS research fundraising org in Boston, stayed in a house w/like 20 ppl. I was in the Navy for a couple of yrs, stationed in Guam. I met a guy in England & ended up getting married to him (3 yrs) & lived in the West Midlands of England. Visited Amsterdam & Greece.
My wife has mostly been in Colorado, Cali, & Oregon. I love the idea of making candles & incense, that sounds really neat 😊

Looking For: 

Looking For: 

Marco Rubio is the living embodiment of the phrase "Like Jews for Hitler"....
Hes either an idiot with no self awareness, or he thinks kissing up will save him.
Ive seen a bunch of "white" gay guys defending trump getting rid of birthright citizenship too.
These light skinned/white passing minorities & LGBTs jumping on trumps White Nationalist bandwagon are in for a surprise.

Let's meme-ify Communism until burger king's social media rt's a bust of Marx and crucifies their CEO in a bid to appeal to millennials

Its weird trying to figure out my views on things as I learn more about Communism. Things I used to enjoy, I feel like I cant now.
Like, I LOVE architecture. Especially big, elaborate, gorgeous houses.
Wrought iron railing on the grand staircase, exposed beams, hardwood floors, giant islands in the kitchen, exposed brick...
But now when I look, for fun, I find I cant shut off my brain from thinking about bank foreclosures & private vs personal property.
Communism ruins yet another thing LOL 😂

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