Have u all seen the "warning" that YouTube has placed on RT videos? Maybe this isnt new, I have no idea. But I do know that there are no links or little info warning things on Fox, CNN, or Young Turks. This is red-scare garbage & clear xenophobia & McCarthyism.

My kiddos Halloween costume, eye contact 

Lewd, 14th Halloween-iversary fun 

Finally got the weights for my 2nd piercings in each ear. I think they go well with the rest of my ear jewelry. They're really heavy so I can start stretching the piercing closer in size to the big one on the bottom. Plus lotus flower 😍

Look what my 13 year old wrote for Language Arts (rough draft), you know a kid's parents influence them when... LOL 😍 😂 😊

As soon as I read Trumps comments on the synagogue shooting, I thought about the MAGA Bomber & the discovery of the MAGA Van & I immediately thought, they're going to try & jump on the rise in & sentiments on the Left for this one. This is crazy...

Look what we just got! We saw it in the theater, we're watching it today, & then going to watch it with commentary later 😍

Bombs at Obamas, Clintons, Soros 

Wow... well, I mean... Obama was a Socialist, right? So, sure! Nancy Pelosi's a Communist... Only in America...

Halloween, romance 

Hey all, small brag here. @flugennock very kindly turned one of my toots into a political cartoon. I wanted everyone to see it & to encourage ppl to follow Mike. Have a good day Masto :heart_eyes_cat_bi: ❤️ ☭

666, magic #, followers 

Top 30 Tooters, couldnt fit them all, but heres my top 25 or so LOL
Maybe I shouldve waited til Friday & made this my FF? :heart_eyes_cat_bi:

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