Oh thats cool. Sounds like u guys have traveled a bit? I spent some time in the NY/Boston area. Worked at a AIDS research fundraising org in Boston, stayed in a house w/like 20 ppl. I was in the Navy for a couple of yrs, stationed in Guam. I met a guy in England & ended up getting married to him (3 yrs) & lived in the West Midlands of England. Visited Amsterdam & Greece.
My wife has mostly been in Colorado, Cali, & Oregon. I love the idea of making candles & incense, that sounds really neat 😊

@Pinko_Angel I've traveled a bit, spent every summer as a kid with my Great Aunt Peachy in Quebec.( I'm Irish, French Canadian /American) Joey & I used to go to Salem, MA for our anniversary (my gggg grandfather was Thomas Dudley, Gov of Mass, founder of Cambridge) have deep roots in the northeast. We miss it all terribly, the food, clubs, people.. but it is so expensive and winters are harsh! How many times can you dig out your car before you say "I'm done"? LOL
🎶Semi-charmed kind of life🤔

@IncenseBerner The NE is absolutely gorgeous! I am a HUGE fan of architecture, especially old buildings, & Boston is one of the most beautiful cities I have ever been in. Too bad I am a Yankees fan LOL 😂
Thats so cool that u have so much family history & connection there. And yea, I feel u on the snow, I am torn on these unusually warm winters we're having in Colorado, almost no snow anymore is nice, so long as I dont think about climate change causing it 😕

@Pinko_Angel I am deeply into genealogy, have traced my lineage back 42+ gens, to Charlemagne and beyond. Lots of royalty in this blood, lol.. I am a peasant commoner in comparison.

Summers gonna get hotter, winters , too. It's why we have to make a move NOW to a cooler climate. All the folks who live on the coasts know what time it is, moving inland. We won't have an issue selling this place on 4 acres.
Some nutter prepper will snap her up and we will move on to our next phase in life.

I did & found out I am mostly German, Norwegian & Dutch. And a sprinkling of Spanish & Lithuanian.
My moms side is Pennsylvania Dutch, Amish, goes WAY back, Illinois area.
My dads side didnt come over from Germany until my great grandfather, who lived in Washington until he was 100.
Tara's family is Jewish, Russian, escaped to America when Hitler invaded Russia, on her moms side. We dont know much about her dads side.
Yea, should sell easily, 4 acres!

@Pinko_Angel I used to use Ancestry, when they first came out, but they got greedy.
Shouldn't have to pay to find out your lineage, especially public records.
Now I only use and connected my branches to the tree! (LDS have SO many records in their archive!) you can import GEDCOMs and use to link burial sites.
Another site for data is

So cool to meet someone else who understands how important it is to know where and who we came from.🌹

@IncenseBerner Thats really neat. When I was little my grandma (moms mom) had said she thought we had Chinese ancestors/relatives. I was a little disappointed when that was proven untrue.
I was pretty excited there was some Spanish LOL
Ive heard stories that my Norwegian ancestors were Vikings, & went to Greenland, but I dont have any verification of that.

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