For users:

Dogpiling and harassment are off-limits no matter how justified you think you are. The rules are for everyone.

Strongly considering adding screenshot-dunking to the code of conduct as well. We don't need that culture here.

@Gargron a large number of users responding critically to a poorly thought out staff decision is dogpiling, huh?

@maolfunction No, what's happened with Wil Wheaton is dogpiling.

@Gargron it's more like people are seeing a dangerous precedent being set by the way staff on .cloud and .social handled the whole situation that will benefit abusers, but we'll agree to disagree it appears.

@maolfunction .cloud's decision to suspend wil has indeed benefitted abusers in this case.


@Gargron @maolfunction So ur officially on the side of a person who harasses, baits, blocks, & abuses trans ppl?
I mean, I get it, u didnt see it for yourself... But u are dismissing dozens (hundreds?) of ppl telling u what he does, who he is.
If we cant stand up for ourselves, speak to him like we would anyone else who did those things, whats the point of this site?
Most of us came here to avoid twitter style mass reporting & blocking & thats what he brought, & his army of sycophants.

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