I keep seeing all this stuff about in-fighting on the Left. I just want to say, if u support universal health care, don't make assumptions about someone based on things like orientation, gender, race, & religion, & want more money going to programs that feed, house, & heal ppl rather than war, I love u & u are my Comrade. Anarchists, Antifa, Socialists, Commies, Progressives, Dem Soc, whatever ❤️ 🌹 ☭ :ancom: :antifa:

@Pinko_Angel Preach, we need more of that spirit on the Left for sure,

@Pinko_Angel we should gather and have one big leftie party, I’ll bring snacks

@Pinko_Angel cosigned in that we should always debate methods of forward movement rather than disparaging each other's ideas for doing so

@Pinko_Angel Yes! Leftists unite. We will win. We will build a fucking better world out of the crumbled remains of capitalism.

@Pinko_Angel Im a big supporter of both this kind of thinking, and the organization of federal style leftist organizations that can support differing views and disagreement, after all North American socialism is kind of having to grow from the ground up, it only makes sense there wouldn’t be a concrete ideological base quite yet

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