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Hey, time for some

I’m a 27yo software engineer from Latin America living and working in Dublin, Ireland for 3 years now.

I declare myself as an anarcho-communist with influences from Kropotkin, Bakunin, Malatesta, Makhno, Durruti and Emma Goldman.

I believe all animals are equal, including humans, and deserve to live a life without exploitation, pain and death. Veganism is the only way to go if you care about animal ethics, human health, and/or our planet’s environment.


I'll be flying to Amsterdam in a couple days

Bring me your best buds, bud

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The CIA is literally a worldwide enemy of democracy.

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Boss makes a dollar, I make a dime

That was a poem for a simpler time.

Now the boss makes a grand and I don't make jack

That's why we need to seize the means back.

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A-Infos: **Catalunia, embat: Fin de la obediencia. Y ahora, qué?**

"A Embat, Organización Libertaria de Cataluña, tenemos claro que la sentencia emitida el 14 de octubre no intenta condenar sólo personas concretas. Con ella, el Estado quiere atemorizar al pueblo catalán que impulsamos y defender el Referéndum del Primero de Octubre como parte de nuestro proceso de emancipación. Ademá…"

#anarquismo #bot

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je debugge
tu debugges
on debugge
nous debuggons
vouz debuggez
ils debuggent

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We need to stop calling CIA backed leaders like ivan duque, Juan Orlando Hernández, Jair Bolsonaro, etc puppets and call them what they actually are: Viceroys.

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Anarchist Library: **The Constitutional Agitation in Russia**

"Author: Pëtr KropotkinTitle: The Constitutional Agitation in RussiaDate: 1905-01Source: "The Constitutional Agitation in Russia." The Nineteenth Century, January, 1905. Online source:"

#anarchism #bot

Got a new apartment

All day long running back and forth moving tons of stuff

But worth it 👌

Typical Dublin weather, tho ☔

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Red sky at night, shepherd's delight.
Red sky in the morning, there's a fuckin hurricane about to hit you. #Lorenzo °

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taf's two step guide to happiness 

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horror movie producers: this is an evil and disgusting looking character they are incredibly terrible and you should be terrified of them

audience: i want to fuck it

horror movie producers: wh- no that’s’re supposed to be afrai-

audience: i want to have sex with it

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Bojo: there will be checks in Ireland, but not on the border 

Went to see Hustlers yesterday night

J Lo, damn

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