Oh... my, aaargh!
Due to gender equality, the Girl Scouts of the USA sue the Boy Scouts of America for "trademark infringement".

Maybe they could just join the 1900s and merge, as e.g. the Scouting Associations in Sweden did in 1961 rather than fight each other over cooties?


@b9AcE The BSA has a very conservative/religious tilt. As far as I know the Girl Scouts are much better. It's a shame they didn't all keep going to the latter to be honest.

@Mailliw The entire concept was created to increase militarism and indoctrinate conservative/reactionary values, then some associations decided move beyond those harmful components, IIRC. Once those are dropped, I consider what remains an excellent concept. ;-)
It's been well, I guess probably three decades since I was involved myself though.

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