Thoughts about the Communist party USA? The Socialist Party USA? I really think it's time the real left become valid again in politics. We need to unify. I researched the both of them and in the past, they had a reason to split but now I think we all have a reason to unite. We need to start doing things instead of just talking.

@NonCompete Hey Comrade! Your YouTube channel turned me on to Anarchism and communism! I always had the wrong idea about it and wondered why anyone would want it. Thanks for showing me the way. I hope you and Luna are doing great!

@CircleAnA sounds like it'll work to me. That's what I did and mine worked out. I'm not a horticultural expert or anything, just speaking from personal experience. Hope you get some good dank lol

@Insurge As the representative for Kansas City... It's heavy Trump territory out here. At least I haven't found the pocket over here yet. I've only became aware of Anarchism like 2 months ago. Back in California, tho, in the Inland Empire. I got friends from back there. Worth a look I think. Moreno Valley to be specific.

@CircleAnA I used to grow a lil bit when I lived in California and we just passed the measure for medical back in November here in Missouri. What exactly has been giving you problems? You doing the folded paper towel thing and nothing's happening?

Anarchism Space

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