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"I Thought A Few Guys Might Cry": Patriot Front Rally Was "Complete Failure" Reports Undercover Antifascist - It's Going Down

EVERY TIME Trump claims to have "created jobs" or "put out fires," he is LYING.

First, those jobs weren't created. Those are people RETURNING to jobs that ALREADY EXISTED. That slob didn't create anything.

Second, look at the numbers and you'll see the "fires" are getting worse.

Kanye West running for president with Elon Musk's endorsement just goes to show how little the elite think of the Working Class. It's just an ego-driven game of self-fellatio only for their benefit.

The rest of us don't matter.


If a cop claims someone did something to their coffee, shake, burger, or other takeout, they're lying.

I've moved the #Volkstanzclub to a new schedule.

I won't be streaming tonight. My apologies to my regular listeners.

Starting next week, I'll be moving to a bi-weekly schedule and I will return to streaming from 9-11pm EST. I'll see how that fits until the end of July and then will consider any further changes. Of course, feedback is encouraged.

Due to the less 100% likelihood I will be in town this Friday, #Volkstanzclub will be postponed this week.

I apologize to you regular listeners. I'll be back next week.

Also, I'm, again, considering a time or day (Saturday) change due to my recent return to normal day job responsibilities.

If you gave a preference let me know.

Again, it wasn't "antifa" that showed up to start violence:

Militia manual found after police confronted armed men near Troy's Black Lives Matter rally, DA says

While I'm not saying this is a "false flag," cops have a repeated, historical tendency to fake this kind of shit for attention. Be wary about these stories. There are anlot of fascist, "woe is me" toddler tantrums going on:

Shake Shack 'horrified' officers' drinks may have had bleach

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