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If you're not following the Swann Street siege story this morning, it's incredible. Yesterday evening, D.C. police forced a large group of peaceful protesters and demonstrators into a residential neighborhood in a tactic known as "kettling." Kettling is a…

Following these steps can help you keep from getting sick but, importantly, it helps you protect your fellow workers as well.

The Wuhan Virus: How to Stay Safe


This is how it's done!

Macron Scraps Proposal to Raise Retirement Age in France

It's a bad idea to use the boss' computers to organize. Just expand that idea to include boss' apps - regardless of the NLRB.

How Big Corporations Spy on Their Workers to Keep Their Wages Down | Common Dreams Views -

Yesterday, Delegates at the New York State Public Employees Federation 41st Convention affirmed their Solidarity with the striking workers in the UAW. A collection is being taken and all funds will be given to the UAW strike fund.

Oh snap! !

UAW Announce Nationwide Strike To Begin Before Midnight Sunday

Happy Labor Day!

I'll be celebrating by going to a Labor Day picnic hosted by a local Union coalition and will be marching in the NYC parade on Saturday.

How about you? Doing something fun? Trapped in wage slavery by some shitty corporation?

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