I finished reading this book and can recommend it.

The writing was solid, accessible, highly informative, and entertaining:

Wobblies of the World - plutobooks.com/9780745399591/w

We Don’t Work May 1st – A Compilation to Benefit the Greater Chicago - industrialworker.iww.org/?p=56

@cryptograbear nice to meet you in RL at the - the training anyone interested in organizing their job needs to take to prepare and educate themselves.


Solidarity forever for the union makes us strong!

Here it is folks Bisbee '17 is free to watch (I don't know if it's on YouTube).

If you have any interest in labor, labor history, or oligarchs' abuse of power, you need to watch this film.

Bisbee 17 | POV | PBS - pbs.org/pov/bisbee17/video-bis

Taking stand in to protect access to safe services doesn't always mean taking to the streets. By donating a little - even $1 or $2 - you can help.

Join the & and pitch in whatever you can:

Protect Abortion Rights - gofundme.com/protect-abortion-

Take a stand against oppressive reactionary theocrats! Donate and join the and in fighting for safe access to legal abortion!

Abortion rights are Workers' rights!

Protect Abortion Rights - gofundme.com/protect-abortion-

The and Upstate New York GMB of the have just kicked off a GoFundMe to raise funds to protect access to safe, legal abortions and to tell March4Life to go fuck themselves. Please consider pitching in:


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