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Probably the biggest problem with the fediverse rn is just that it's consumed with twitter spill-over.

I don't mean people should leave, and I'm not even blaming new users from twitter exclusively, nor am I trying to say there's really anything we can do about the situation. I'm really just observing: most of the content on my feed, most days, right now, is people talking abt twitter, people suggesting things for new users to do (follows, etiquette etc) or just new users taking about not yet understanding how the platform works.

In time it will settle down, I just think it's unfortunate that in the mean time, lots of people who could enjoy fedi will get bored and leave their accounts dormant. It seems to be a cycle that fedi has been stuck in for years and I think it might honestly be more of a problem than the things people say are "so confusing" about instances etc

I just finished reading “Fascism: A Very Short Introduction” (2nd ed.) by Kevin Passmore. Wrote up a short review at if anyone is interested. 🧐 Now I go back to lying in the sun and figure out something else to read… 🌞

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One week:
Registered users: 24843
Registered channels: 11191
Current global users 20000

Hopefully some more news for you today.

My birthday is tomorrow, so I’ll be doing a birthday stream starting tonight just before midnight my time, playing . Hoping to see a bunch of all my comrades there tonight, even if only dropping in for a quick "hi". :ancomheart:

Stream will happen at and coordination/voice chat (if you want to join games or just hang out) is in :happy_anarcat:

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Today, we released Cover Your Tracks (formerly Panopticlick), which aims to make browser fingerprinting and tracking more understandable to the average user. Check it out today!

Hanging out as an undercover dog^Wcop on this rainy day. Come be cosy? 😄

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There are different ways of beating Internet censorship. Some protect you from surveillance, but many do not. The circumvention tool that is best for you depends on your threat model.

I’ll be doing the week 38 tomorrow on my Twitch channel at 17:00 CEST (11 AM US EDT).

It’ll be a bit of a Germany special with 2–3 German stories, but I also have some Danish media + news, as well as a handful of stories from Sweden!

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@MoMartin Fun fact: the White House was burned down in 1814 by Robert Ross, an Irishman serving in the British Army.

I try to avoid using 12 A/PM due to this confusion. Both on my own part, but also others'.

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Neuralink and unregulatable capitalist transnational Neofeudal Lords charging brain-rent for access to your neurons -- Silver Spook Live
(screenshot from Neofeud 2)
#cyberpunk #scifi

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What police really believe is white supremacy and some bullshit on Vox ain't going to clarify that. Every pig is a racist thug not to be trusted and to be treated as a threat because that is exactly what they are.

Police are there to keep you under the boot of the wealthy, place are there to "keep you in your place," they are the frontline in your oppression.

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What are those "two ways" you're thinking of here? I assume you consider voting/electoralism one of them?

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With app mandates in place, the same students who do not have reliable home broadband connections and study space for remote instruction would likely be unable to meet the smartphone app requirements to attend classes in person


@Thuslyandfurthermore You should look up as a genre and movement for weaponised empathy and kindness. Also, this Philosophy Tube video might be something you’d like to watch: – don’t lose your softness! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

@tricia I mean, I wish that would be true. Because he’s right, there was a lot of shady stuff going on then too, and Obama absolutely deserve to be tried for war crimes/crimes against humanity… But Trump and his administration deserves the same… :| A lot of people use "parasocial" and doesn’t realise that a parasocial relationship is when someone knows that you exist, but you don’t know that they exist.

If you know your Twitch viewers by name, maybe even by face and voice, have an idea about their political stance, their dreams and aspirations, their likes and dislikes, their day-to-day lives… That’s not a _para_social relationship. :|

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