May not happen soon, but the possibility exists that Netflix can just shut down, and all of the media they've produced will be lost.

It'd be a good idea to pirate/download your favorite series/movies from Netflix since they haven't made any physical copies.

Β· Β· 5 Β· 30 Β· 55 they did actually put season 1 of stranger things on dvd/blu-ray, which i own

no idea about 2 or 3 though


they have masters somewhere and someone will wind up with them

@GI_Jack @ExperimentV you say this, but thousands of popular, important films from the early days of cinema no longer exist because copies were stored in a single warehouse that caught fire. The modern day equivalent, while less likely, is still possible. Storage media can fail, copies can be lost during corporate restructuring, etc

@ExperimentV I had similar problem with music on Yout*be. Sometimes I accidentally found some nice, niche songs, listened to them for shorter or longer period and then they simply disappeared :( Formerly I kind of laughed when my (mostly IT-related) friends downloaded everything and stored local copies, now I think they are right.

@ExperimentV all of them are pirated and uploaded to sites within 24 hours of airing!

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