I didn't know you could tape these "no postage necessary" flyers [envelopes] to boxes. This is a game changer.


credit card companies getting into the garbage collection business, smh

@ExperimentV I taped one on a wrapped half-brick once. I don't know if they (evil corp) got it, but it cheered me right up.

@ExperimentV Oh wow. I used to stuff everything in the offer into that envelope and mail it back to the company, but this is way better!


But did they the sender then contact the credit card company, claim that it was sent by mistake and insist that they send it back?

@ExperimentV It's one way to game the returns system too I hear. Incorporate your return label into junk mail. The return gets logged as delivered, but thrown out before they realize what it is.

@ExperimentV What a great idea, the planet is not already burning up quick enough! Hush hush, hurry to burn more dead dinosaur to ship useless stuff around right now!

ah yes the good ol' you send me your trash, I send you mine :D

Yeah, I knew people who used freepost addresses to dispatch turds, house bricks, all kinds of stuff.

@ExperimentV Ahh, I recall a similar incident here with UPC (an ISP) and their shitty marketing strategy; mailing out modems or something to people unsolicited, with a fine print of "if you don't return this, then you accept our offer for $expensiveService"

Plenty of people returned the box with the included return label... just containing bricks instead of the original modem

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