This account and instance is highly sus.

Block this user and instance.

So far they are following my peeps on

@ExperimentV suspended them yesterday.

they federate with gab and other instances blocked by us and many others.

@achrilock @ExperimentV the base domain, "" is a seperate instance with 2 visible users, may be worth blocking it/them too.

@ExperimentV Thanks for reminding me. Saw this account follow me the other day when i was at work. Seemed suspicious and forgot all about it by the time i came home.

@rick_777 already blocked, but thanks for the notice

@ExperimentV I was followed by one whose bio said that it respects #nobot, "like a good bot should." This was revealed to be sarcasm when it followed me a few times despite my having #nobot in my bio.

@ExperimentV why?

It looks like they are transparent about intentions and goal.

A search system for fediverse is good, right? Google etc can do it too, but be far less open about it.

@berkes many governments have extreme prejudices against left wingers. I don't want to make it too easy for these entities to find us in order to silence us in one way or another.

They also federate with gab and other bigoted instances. That in of itself could serve as a leak of our toots to those instances we don't want to be involved with, as they are also notorious for harassment and bad faith arguments.

By the way, who is Satoshi Nakamoto?

@ExperimentV if you don't want your toots/thoughts out there, then don't publicise them. The moment you put them online for everyone to see, everyone is going to see them.

It is naive, and dangerous to think intelligence services, or political opponents are not indexing your (public) timeline.

If a bot comes along and tells you it is doing that, this is better than all those that are secretly indexing fediverse, IMO.

@berkes no, duh... I'll admit, it is better to see someone bug your private space before your eyes as opposed to behind your back.

But how about not having to deal with being bugged in the first place?

Or is that something Satoshi Nakamoto would approve of?

@ExperimentV Not bugging your private space, means you too have an obligation to keep that space private.

Extreme: going on Facebook then complain about FB mining your data, is hypocrite.

On mastodon, if you don't want your data mined:

* stay off mastodon entirely. Or
* keep your profile and toots private. And
* trust your instance to not (be forced to) expose your data.

But complaining that public fediverse data is indexed, is IMO hypocrite. Like with the FB example.

Conflation, rape, putting words in your mouth 

Conflation, rape, putting words in your mouth 

Conflation, rape, putting words in your mouth 

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