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Anyone else here into numerology? I wasn't much of a fan until recent events taught me that chaos is everywhere, and we are all susceptible to seeing meaning in the chaos where there is none. As such, if we take these patterns with a healthy grain of salt, there are worthwhile insights to be gained.

It should be noted that when I use the word "system" I am mostly talking about humans, bit I have found this theory very applicable to any two (or even more) systems, be the natural ecosystems, solar systems, microbiomes or anything really.

Also I am very aware of how similar this is the the hegelian dialects, it's a big inspiration for this.

Theory of the ideal interaction between two systems:

Discovery: they find one another (OA) somehow and note that each is a distinct entity.

Engagement: Noting the specific distinguishing characteristics of OA

Integration: understanding how they can cooperate and learn from OA

Synthesis: A statement of prediction of the benefits of mutual cooperation

Produce: enactment of that cooperation and it's fruits, i.e. something neither could have made alone

Or maybe the symphony of the right starts woth a synthetic tone, devoid of the natural overtone series, again making it adaptable and appealing to many, even though they may desire conflicting or incomensurable outcomes.

So the symphony of the left starts and ends on a consonant chord, which is to say, we understand the ills of the world, and what an ideal world might look like, but in the middle is an uncomfortable cacophony thay drives people away, which is to say the methods bu which we move from our current reality to our utopia and often disparate or even in conflict.

The symphony of the right starts with a single note, with no coherent finale, thus the right can constantly adapt and ignore discord...

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What are the things that the political left can bond over?My personal priorities are protecting the vulnerable (the poor, the young, those with conditions that keep them disintegrated from society etc.) Indigenous rights, trans rights and climate change. Are these things at all contoversial within leftist circles?

Hmm, maybe the reason the right can find more unity that the left in general is because the right are more able to set aside their individuality for a cause, allowing them to harmonize organically and work together toward a shared goal, abhorrent though that goal may be....

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Ever notice how most of the time none of us know what the fuck we're talking about. Seems like only through trial and error do we eventually figure shit out. 🤔

#dudeism #philosophy #truth

What does this all mean? Or more imortantly how can we use this to resolve discordant harmonies in our troubled world?

Answers remain unclear, more meditation required.

Anyway, back to natural numbers and harmony, by multiplying a frequency by the natural numbers we get something called the harmonic series, so if f(Hz) is the fundamenat, 2f is an octave above f, 3f is a fifth above 2f, 4f is a fourth above 3f, 5f is a major third above 4f, 6f is a minor third above 5f.

Aside from computer generated tones and some flutes/ocarinas this series is present almost any tone made by humans or even the universe (everything from a bird's chirp to gravitational waves)

Something else worth noting: the fundamentals of music are usually stated to be rhythm and pitch, however you don't have to think to hard that a regular sustained rhythm is really just a very very low pitch, outside our ear's range but well within our bodily sense (known as interoception iirc)
So really, it's rhythm all the way down...

More thoughts on synchronicity: The natural numbers play a huge role, basically if one signal is divided by or multiplied by a whole number, the produced signal will not only symchronise, by will begin to produce overtones. This to me suggests that emergence through synchronization is a completely natural phenomenom, thus giving further credence to my "grand theory of universal harmony"
More meditiations, as always, still required

Looking for artists to commission a new avatar/profile pic similar to what I an using, this one is copyright and while I wouldn't care if it were a big company, this is by an artist specifically for a twotch streamer. Essentially I'd like a similar chibi firekeeper from darksouls, just with blonde hair and a more aggressive pose, still with the deep purple attire. Original

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A lot of eastern philosophy seems to look favourably on aesthetics too, so if anyone can summarize any of that I'd appreciate it :)

Trying to build a philosophyof everything where aesthetically pleasing harmony/sychronicity between systems forms the bedrock of all metaphysics and epistemology. Hegelian Dialectic is the closes thing I've thought of that speak to this, anyone know of any aesthetically grounded philosophies?

This platform is so much better at maintaining and valuing idividuality, so happy to be here amongst all you weirdos (and being weird is a good thing imo)

Spending a lot of time and energy dealing with institutions lately and noticing a trend, the people that are employed to represent the institutions are required to sell their sense of individuality for a wage, which would be ok if the wage were respectable, but even here in AUS, people are vastly undervaluing their souls.

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