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Hello Fediverse,
I waited a while to get the feel of things before doing this, so here goes. I am an Australian Queer Anarchist, kinda new to getting politically involved but I am doing my best to talk to people and learn. Glad to be here in like-minded company.

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@Ebsation I think the argument could be made that people will actually pick up on the necessary jobs because now they don't have to worry about their basic needs so much and are more free to benefit the whole society. IMO the above is not even a radically anti-capitalist idea, people are just willfully blind to it.

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@Ebsation It's always seemed to me that the "without a monetary incentive to work, everyone would be lazy!" argument says more about the people saying it than the rest of society.

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Patrick Henry: Give me liberty or give me death.
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I don't understand people who think that having a guarantee that your basic needs met is going to result in humans collectively deciding to exclusively entertain themselves and society will collapse.

Like, I get it on the surface, but if you just think for a second about all the safe and secure people in the world, they are doing a LOT of work, not all of it well compensated, but that's ok, it's still very valuable and people will find things that need doing and do them.

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"Social Justice Vigilantes" (the SJWs who doxx and burn progressives who haven't always expressed the perfect progressive ideals) hate themselves for the 'incorrect' ideas they once held and cannot forgive themselves for it, they cannot reconcile their own journey so they reflect their self-hatred upon those who are trying to reconcile. They would see burned one who owns that they were once wrong before admitting to it themselves.

Ideally I think an online social environment is relatively free of preconceived notions about the speaker such as age, gender and other status'. I know this tends not to be the case, but it's fun to dream.

When I preach wealth redistribution people seem quick to accuse me of wanting that wealth for myself or some shit. No, you dummy, that's the whole point, if I got my hands on a bunch of wealth I'd be redistributing that shit so fast, I don't want the guilt the wealthy should be feeling whilst people are dying of exposure/statvation/preventable disease all over the world. Miss me with that shite please.

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if i were a monarch i would simply behead myself

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This is my fight too. This might require an answer.

— Zuglar Åblelag, Butcher

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Non-toxic or at least less toxic anonymous posting is entirely possible. Smaller imageboards or some of 4chan's less troll-infested boards can be fairly welcoming places on a good day.

The behavior and culture of a community are entirely up to what its members and moderators are willing to tolerate and foster. Ultimately, anon posting is merely a tool among many and an excellent one against clout-seeking, posturing and reputation games, even.

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@lightdark hey there, you seem pretty cool and groovy and I would like to subscribe to your newsletter, have a great day!!

@IrisKalmia hiya, you seem cool and groovy and totally dow with destroying capitalism, I would like to subscribe to your newsletter

@rick_777 hey there, you faved a status of mine and seem like a fellow anti-capitalist, so I would love to follow your exploits on the wonderous fediverse :)

I'm becoming increasingly sure that aside from a small number of genuine racists, most reactionaries don't actually beleive what they are saying. Like, so many of them fall back to the "I'm only joking" defense the second they are met with any thoughtful argument. The only sensible reaction then is to immediately discount everything they have said and will say thereafter. Sorry bucko, you get my charitable interpretation until you waste it on a joke, ya gotta earn it back after that.

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My take on the stuff:

I think we should definitely defederate from instances owned by ‘a small company, owned by some people we know’.

Sure, that’s not as creepy as a mega company, but many small start-ups became that over time. Can you tell the difference? I can’t from the ‘press release’ from their ‘head office’....

Let’s not open the door.

If, out of all the ways you can host an instance, you choose through a company, accept that anarchist instances will avoid you. Simple.

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