@DeckerUnrhevollen Yeah so not only is the message correct that these were never true, I have another take: even if they were true, that business deserves to fail.

Because we have to decide what's more important: the capital class's right to own private property or people's right to be treated like god damn human beings. I'm an ancom so you know where I stand.

@alice Asn an An-syn, I agree. There are far too many companies that don't produce anything of use, and who should be dismantled.

@DeckerUnrhevollen Okay, but when will it finally be enough to kill big business and industry tho?

> implying corporations don't get massive regulatory privilege from the state

They are so fucking whiny while they're getting so much help from the government. Motherfuckers.

@DeckerUnrhevollen If the laws are applied selectively, that's true. The problems is the mere existence of the regulations in some countries, non-functioning actually, but applied from time to time as a punishment for non-loyal firms.

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