Well the issue is apparently with Windows, but I did 5 things to fix it and it hasn't gotten better so my options now are to cry or give up or both lol

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until pretty fucking recently, the same places that were banning gay men's blood from donation were also banning trans women's blood and the partners of trans women.

some of them want trans women's blood now, but are still imposing discriminatory measures against gay men's blood.

sorry. not fucking happening. you can have my blood donations if and when you lift the ban on gay men's blood entirely. no wait period is acceptable. fuck off

Wow, I spent 3 hours tonight trying to fix an issue with downloading Origin so I could play fucking Sims and never fixed it. Technical difficulties make me very very angery but I'm determined to get this working

Omg a friend asked if I know anyone looking for a laptop so I said, I am me hi, I am looking for a used laptop what is up!!!

Gun mention, 


thinkin' bout that commie bussy. that Prole Booch. the People's Bussy


Hey I have a friend who’s fighting stage 3 Lyme disease and NEEDS donations in order to survive. This is life or death. Can y’all plz take a minute to donate if you can and boost this? Destin can’t leave their home due to seizures, low energy levels, having trouble walking, etc. all due to Lyme.

They need an oxygen concentrator which are ridiculously expensive, but they are having so much trouble breathing it’s become necessary. It’s really important that they get one.

I know that if we all boost this and donate a couple bucks then they can get the care they need. I donated $25 which was all I can afford really, so now I’m sharing. My friend really needs help so please boost! Especially because they are particularly vulnerable to coronavirus due to Lyme... it’s really important that they get the medical care they need.


big fan of not knowing people's genitals unless we're intimate tbqh

Might be a kink now that I think about it 

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here's the meta, I say names 


I was trying to avoid making a post like this, but my roommate who covered our first payment to the landlords is asking for money, there doesn't look like there's gonna be any relief coming for those of us who are still employed but had all our hours cut, and there doesn't look like there's gonna be any rent relief or stoppage. I have one paycheck coming Friday, and then nothing. If there's anything anyone can do to help (sharing, donating, letting me know about resources I haven't heard about), I would really appreciate it.
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These pics are actually from the second outting, two days after the first. Because the first time outside was very new and overwhelming for baby, so I didn't take any pics. He just needed lots of pets and encouragement and he is getting more brave every time now!!

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Cat pic with human ec 

Y'all, I live with a foot and a half long panther and it is SOO CUUTE😆

Remember friedns, we are all doing something I think uuhh


If you support trans rights, you MUST therefore like ME and tell me I'm good :anartrans_symbol:

Feelings ew 

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