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looking at boosts of comments of toots and when I click on See Thread I get so confused

Mr Bean's first name and middle name are Uwu Smol

Magician on the street but a freak in your mind

Me online: (posts a story about how Americans are spending more time working than peasants in the dark ages. This is a real thing)

A bootlicker: They didn't have cars or cell phones.

Me: Yeah, why are we still working harder in a world that has such great labor-saving devices?

post seller. i am going into online and i need only your strongest posts

Gamers, I accidentally used my Twitch account to sign into D&D Beyond today. I am a bad comrade...

@red as a genderqueer person i can say

some of us defintely fuck and we're damn good

@red It's almost unfathomable to me that people think genderqueer people don't fuck. Like, what the fuck are they thinking? (no pun intended.) Seconded that genderqueer people *definitely* fuck.

@red some genderqueer ppl have some of the most "definitely fucks" energy ive ever seen

Poll E: After a debate is finished, is it fair play to pretend to make up with someone whilst at the same time complaining to an authority about how your debate opponent hurt your feelings

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