If you live near a state capital here's what you can do:

- Stay safe, don't go out tonight, lock your doors and windows.

- Reach out to your neighbors to see what your community needs to defend yourselves

- Reach out to friends and family who might be radicalized. The right acts like a cult by isolating their members. Make sure their safe and they know you care about them. Make sure they know why you oppose the fascist coup.


Finally, IF you feel safe and able to do so (and that's a HUGE "if"). Join or organize a counterprotest. I really wouldn't recommend this but if you feel you must... please remember to keep safety in numbers and distance from the violent fascists, and don't be instigator or do anything to get on the wrong side of the police. Keep your phone charged but disconnected, take plenty of videos. protect yourself and those around you.

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