Take too hot for anywhere but here: apoliticality is a privilege.
If you want to "keep politics out of this space" then you live with the conditions that lofty political decisions will have no impact on your life. You don't live a life where the whims of some talking head can determine weather or not you have a place to sleep tomorrow, or when the next time you'll get a meal will be. To be apolitical is to have no concern for the goings-on of the status quo, which means that it benefits you.

When queer people say "Our existence is not political," though technically wrong, what we really mean is "It's not fair that we live in a world where politics has such a big impact on the legitimacy of our existence, while other identity groups have the privilege of being apolitical."

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@Clumsey_Wordsmith I think there are a lot of definitions of “politics” going on with these things. “Our existence isn’t political” isn’t so much wrong as it is referring to politics-as-sport.

@Clumsey_Wordsmith I get what you're saying, and I do agree with the stance you've made, but on the other side of the fence, where I apolitically stand, while the descisions of them don't determine whether I get to eat or have a place to sleep, I will say that they don't benefit me either, and they could even be harming me as they have before, but not enough for me to immediately care. I plan on keeping a closer eye in the future as it is still important.

Apoliticality is a privilege. (w/ CW) 

Apoliticality is a privilege, ctd. (w/ CW) 

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