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I want to grow some of my food this year. Have some corn, millet, bell pepper, sunflower, tomato, various types of beans and peas, flowers, pumpkin and squash. Since I don't own any usable land I'm going for a permaculture "guerilla grow" (i want it as low on maintenance as possible, especially irrigation, since i have no way of getting the plants large amounts of water on my bike). I located some unused places i can plant them around my town.

Any tips welcome!

Isn't it whack that ppl treat you differently based off of the colour of your skin alone? Fuck me, things are fucked

Money ask, please boost!! 

Hey so just learned my car repair will cost over $500. I was planning on paying with my credit card but that is just a lot of fucking money so please help me out any way you can!!! Like please, i have nothing in my bank account for another week so I'm just praying my cc can take this whole thing.

Does any1 want to grow Cornus mas (Cornelian Cherry) from seed? I have a ton of fruit i foraged and can get more. The fruit has a taste simmilar to cherry and cranberry with a tinge of strawberry. The seed takes a
bit to sprout, generally a full year, it needs to be frozen
(for faster germination you can scarify them, and stratify for 120 days). After they set roots they dont need any help at
all, and have virtually no pests and diseses. I can send them to you by post.

... here is the first harvest from these tomatoes, came in a variety of colors and sizes (even tho they were sown from one single comercially-grown fruit) over 1,5 kg

Show thread from toodays bike trip with friends. (dug up some old digital camera, a replacement for my broke phone with its camera) ...havn't beed active a lot lately, no access to a computer

... some of the tomatoes fruiting
sorry, no photo, phone is broke

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... and here is one of the tomatoes with its first flowers. For some reason they are very tall, but not much wide.

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What is this plant?
-grows like a leek(especially the flower, rootbulb, leaves)
-smells like a leek
-is smaller than a leek
-continental europe
-quite dry enviroment

meme making fun of a racist woman; no ec 

this is one of my favorite memes and i hope it becomes a fave of your as well

Just realised that this years in my city is a clusterf*ck of „rainbow capitalism”, like 1/3 of the organisers are capitalist enterprises trying to market themselves 😡

*curtsies towards diff lovely peeps and shouts, "Hellu mga kasama!" (Hello, comrades!)... 'hoping to CONNECT with fellow dreamers and enactors of dreams by sharing mai poor attempst at translating anarchist quotes and texts into Tagalog, a language in the islands colonially known as the Philippines! 'translating "Are You An Anarchist?" primer... 'also hopin' to ask comrades for help in simplifying some phrases as well! SOLIDARIDAD, minna!

Friends and Fellow Workers, this is a fun little tool worth checking out:

OnionShare -

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