Sorry for the few days of down time, the machine crashed again and I have no idea why 😭

@Shinra Γ§a dΓ©pend de l'instance mais par exemple celle-ci remplit 250Go de disque, 4 cΕ“urs et 8Go de RAM

Hi everyone, I'm really sorry for the few days of downtime the instance experienced. The disk was full, I had to migrate the instance to a new server but I didn't have much spare time to deal with it until today. Sorry for that again 😣

@restioson @applebaps I just blocked spinster and updated the list in the terms. If you have a list of gab instance I'm interested, thanks for the ping

@commiequeer fixed. (next time ask me directly, I can't be everywhere and know every single instance)

@boxo it's been done a few days ago, I just forgot to announce it sorry. Will do it shortly

@Trocatintas you didn't say shit like any user asking to enter this instance. Anyway, please stop being annoying and consider what this community has to say (e.g. yes, CWs are a thing, not posting in public is also a thing). If you don't like what the implicit rules of this community are here, I'm sure other instances or platformes with different communities can welcome you

This instance upgraded to Mastodon 2.8.0rc1.

This release allows us to somewhat reopen our registrations and request invites directly on the main page without having to contact someone on the instance.

This release also adds polls as one of its main features, and plenty of other things. Full changelog below:

Please report any bugs or problem you encounter here as it is still a release candidate.

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