@keith_txt@mastodon.social sorry the server ran out of disk space and the email server crashed. This is now fixed.
I've been struggling with depression for a while and I don't really have much time dedicated to the instance, sorry for that :/ I'm in the process of finding someone else to take over.

sorry the server has been experiencing huge issues for the past 4 days (the home feed and notifications are frozen, among other things) and since notification did not work I wasn't notified until yesterday but couldn't look at it until today.

I had to ask for help from a mastodon contributor and we're still unsure what went wrong here.
If we've hit the right spot things should go back to normal by midnight UTC time. If not we'll still have some digging to do tomorrow.

Sorry for all this.

@stoner @queeranarchism sorry i didn't receive any of your notifications. It seems that the database it failing. I'm trying to fix that (you probably won't receive this toot either until i fix it but anyway)

Sorry for the few days of down time, the machine crashed again and I have no idea why 😭

@Shinra ça dépend de l'instance mais par exemple celle-ci remplit 250Go de disque, 4 cœurs et 8Go de RAM

Hi everyone, I'm really sorry for the few days of downtime the instance experienced. The disk was full, I had to migrate the instance to a new server but I didn't have much spare time to deal with it until today. Sorry for that again 😣

@restioson @applebaps I just blocked spinster and updated the list in the terms. If you have a list of gab instance I'm interested, thanks for the ping

@commiequeer fixed. (next time ask me directly, I can't be everywhere and know every single instance)

@boxo sure, the word "bitch" is not gendered??! wtf. Please look at yourself..

@I_Will_Wobble it's been taken care of a few days ago. Sorry for the lack of communication.

See here for a public announcement: anarchism.space/@announce/1023

@boxo it's been done a few days ago, I just forgot to announce it sorry. Will do it shortly

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