OK so it looks like the entirety of anarchism.space is down - I just get "this page is not correct" whether i'm signed in or not. Hopefully the 5,000 times I requested an e-mail confirmation don't have anything to do with it lol

Also I'm not sure if @ChatLibertaire checks her mentions anymore cause her Mastodon looks abandoned but I tried to sign up on your instance with an invite code but it didn't send an activation e-mail, I checked my spam and everything, please help


@keith_txt sorry the server ran out of disk space and the email server crashed. This is now fixed.
I've been struggling with depression for a while and I don't really have much time dedicated to the instance, sorry for that :/ I'm in the process of finding someone else to take over.

@ChatLibertaire Ah, I see. Thanks for getting back to me, and I'm sorry to hear that. (In retrospect I probably should have worded that original message differently.)

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