I'm probably going to move away from my current hosting solution for this instance (digitalocean) to get more disk space as we are surely going to run out of disk space pretty soon.

Any good hosting service to recommend? What country would be best? (I'm french if that matters)

@dashie mmh doesn't seem like they have a lot more disk space than my current server (160Go), I can double that with them for the same price but it's not a long term solution

@ChatLibertaire are you removing remote media using the cron job ?
I'm running good with only 80G disk here

@dashie mmh no apparently I'm not :/

I tried to do one but I got this error message:

Scoped order is ignored, it's forced to be batch order.

Does that ring any bell? I'm using docker.


@dashie oh ok nevermind. I didn't notice it was a detached task. It looks like it's running rn. I'll keep you posted.

@ChatLibertaire yup it should have spawned a shitton of sidekiq jobs, look at it and disk space, it will reduce soon

@dashie Ok it removed 50Go. Running the task is going to be sufficient for now. I don't have to move away right now then ^^

Thanks a lot!

@ChatLibertaire put it in a crontab (can give you the line), it helps a lot !

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