I wonder sometimes if the perception that uprisings/protests/etc are all independent/disparate from each-other (as encouraged by how they are reported) is a big part of why conspiracy theories about "outside" funding, agitators, or organizations flourish so easily.

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This isn't a particularly organized or well formed thought (multitasking D:), but like.

If you've never encountered the idea of people learning and taking inspiration from each-other, as well as sharing tactics, information, and imagery through informal or non-heirarchal means (so, outside of formalized schools, etc), and you're suddenly seeing seemingly disparate groups sharing iconography & tactics - /of course/ you'd assume there was some overarching structure responsible.

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Now how do I smush this into a fully formed and useful thought, and effectively throw it at the legions of conspiracy theory weirdos surrounding me.

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Full text of the comic, part 1 


The original post contains a brief description, but the full text and a more detailed follows bellow for those who'd like one:

"Mushroomed" is a 4-panel comic with the following text:

Panel 1: After a rain mushrooms appear on the surface of the earth as if from nowhere. (Image shows a picture of a mushroom)

Panel 2: Many do so from avast underground fungus that remains invisible and unknown. (Image shows a picture of several mushrooms, together).

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Full text of the comic, part 2 

Panel 3: What we call mushrooms, mycologists call the fruiting body of the larger, less visible fungus. (Image shows some mushrooms on the surface of the ground, as well as a larger network of fungus below them, connecting them, and from which they sprout).

Panel 4: Uprisings and revolutions are often considered to spontaneous. (Image shows a field of mushrooms and some trees. The text is in brackets.).

It is signed "from Hope in the Dark, Rebecca Solnit"

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@melissasage It's one of mine too, and mushroom imagery in general tbh.

Been getting a lot of traction in the last little bit with folks around me confused about protests/actions/etc springing up (to them) out of 'nowhere'.

@BunnyHearted I will also add that fungi has been known in forests to add a strong network that allows other plants to communicate, and though invisible, is a vital part in the correct functioning of their ecosystem uwu

OCR Output (chars: 400) 


After arain

mushrooms 4

as if from
appear on

the surface
of the earth

Many do so from a vast unde
fungus that remains invisible

What we call the fruiting body of the

mushrooms, a
less visible

mycologists call oh
ce β€˜


I}\ (Uprisings and revolutions
are often considered to be

rom Hope in the Dark, Rebecca somnit

Full text of the comic, part 2 


> Mushrooms grow out of the ground

"Mushroom UPRISING"


Full text of the comic, part 2 

@Nikolai_Kingsley Carry on you funky little fungus

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