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Your heart is a muscle - the size of your fist!

Keep on loving, keep on fighting.

And hold on, and hold on...

hold on for your life.

Talked to quite a few activists lately who were questioning their dedication to non-violence.

And for every person who was held back by fear of the power of cops, prisons or fascists, there was a person who was held back by fear of their own power.

'Cause once you decide/discover that you have the power to punch, to break, to sabotage, it's up to you how to use or not use it.

And it's much easier to maintain a view of yourself as a good person within the framework of non-violence.

Real praxis is when you never delete and redraft posts, no matter how awful your spelling or grammar.

So a 12 year old girl picked a lock at my place of work this afternoon, and I am just... so proud.

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Singular "they" is older
Than singular "you"

I'm surrounded by lots of adorable enbies and frankly? I love that

Extremely wheatus voice: I was a teeenage tankie, bay-bee!

Read up on Lenin, do crimes may-bee.

(actually there's good shit in state and rev but you know)

Remembering I have an army hat manufactured for the USSR in my living room because I was a teenage tankie and a friend just... mailed one to me.

An un-subtoot is when you want cw a response to someone in another thread, but you're neither subtle nor a bottom.

I guess this is an un-subtoot 

must... not... argue... with extremely bad authcom takes on my tl

In response to Spanish courts imposing draconian sentences on Catalan independence politicians, Catalunya has seen a week of rioting. Could this point to a solution beyond national sovereignty? #Tsunamidemocratic #SpainIsAFascistState

Our full report: 

"The resistance continues !

We will never give up. As long as #Erdogan's troops are here, as long as nation-states exist, as long as men dominate women. Resistance continues.

Berxwedan Jiyane !
Resistance is Life !"

They've vanished. Poofed into the void rapture style!

Or they're all at church or asleep I dunno, one can dream.

I'm here to snuggle my wife and be mad at the cis, and uhhh. I'm all out of cis.

Forcing a huge portion of the population to remove their body hair, while also encouraging them not to take part in physical activities/etc as youth (for example by making them wear clothes that are more difficult or unacceptable to move around in, like skirts) is a big way we reinforce the idea of a biological sex binary, while creating the outward appearance of one.

So-called "secondary sex characteristics" (outside of those influenced by hormones, and that varies) are wholey manufactured.

racism & misogyny 

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