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*solemnly sticking this post to the top of my feed*

Forgive me father, for I have pinned.

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Your heart is a muscle - the size of your fist!

Keep on loving, keep on fighting.

And hold on, and hold on...

hold on for your life.

Immensely regret how long it took me to actually look them up.

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on a whim i was going thru my dozens of bookmarks and found this

on a whim i was going thru my dozens of bookmarks and found this

canada politics, genocide, sexual assault, police violence 

Make him donate to bail funds with the government money that supposed to go to that ridiculous "memorial for the victims of communism" shit.

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Americans: Holding up canada as a 'socialist ideal'.

Canada: A settler colony turned petrostate, built on an ongoing genocide, that funds it's healthcare system through murderous imperialism.

Hmm, is it just that it seems familiar?

Do you just wish your country had better PR and international good will /despite/ all the fucked up shit?

Be honest.

Help I can only get so exasperated and bitter please stop.

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Every time someone holds up canada as a 'socialist ideal', my heart shrinks three sizes.

weld stream self promo 

Breonna Taylor grand jury announcement 

The covid experience in so-called canada fluctuates so wildly province by province it makes talking to friends across the country utterly baffling.

What do you mean you don't have mandatory masks on busses?

Wait you guys have to track names and phone numbers of people who enter coffee shops? Why don't we do tha-

- wait!!! You let businesses/offices/buildings/etc decide for themselves if social distancing and masks are necessary??


Liberals love to decry xenophobia then immediately do phrenology on Russians

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