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*solemnly sticking this post to the top of my feed*

Forgive me father, for I have pinned.

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Your heart is a muscle - the size of your fist!

Keep on loving, keep on fighting.

And hold on, and hold on...

hold on for your life.


"my laundry machine uses gigabytes of traffic every day" is another one of those fun things we can say now that we live in The Future™


Rip in peeps to my tiny shitty laptop I just tried to make do graphics design.

One day you will return from my attempt to open a section of a pdf in glimpse, but probably not today lol.

Convinced the political compass exists only to pretend "right libertarianism" is a real thing.

My biggest gripe about Mastodon is that if I look away for 30 seconds I will have absolutely no idea what the heck is going on.

prince phillip lived to 99 and still didn't see mickey mouse enter the public domain

Racism, wrongful arrest, petition, free shimmy 

My comrade and friend "Shimmy", a Black community organizer , has faced wrongful, charges for months culminating in job loss after counter protesting Trump supporters

Please sign / Share this petition against the racist officers involved

friendly reminder that the "lizard people" thing is antisemitic and the royals are actually a species of mole people. thank you for your understanding.

Tbh I think fire is underrated. We need more of the stuff.

Hey, anyone in Canada or the UK want to do some paid #translation #work, English to #French? It wouldn't be much, maybe some 3-5 hours of work per month, technical translation of #GreenhouseGas and #sustainability terminology.

The size of the task per month could vary and you would bill for your time, not per word or page.

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Starting my weekend with coffee and chill jazz! Come be sleepy and cozy with me <3

I am once again asking why the heck we even have sinuses if they're just gonna implode all the time

new youtube video 

Pls note: CC isn't displaying for me, so either it's going to take some time to show up, or it's broken. At the moment, unless automated CC works, there's no CC on this video :(.

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new youtube video 

I've finally started a long-requested bedtime stories youtube series! If you wanna get sleepy with me, the first one's up:

the only cool thing that's crypt-anything is crypts themselves

for the amounts of money people are dropping on digital pieces just so they can wave around some e-certificate saying they have the "original", they could literally just keep several artists on full-time pay and get original pieces done for them whenever they want, and not do nearly as much damage to the environment in the process

how novel!

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NFT sucks, it's bad for the environment, it's bad for creator's rights (which honestly have it rough enough as it is) and it encourages even more predatory funny money bullshit in the "art world" which mostly just means ninnies with too much money trading mainstream art to show off to one another how rich they are

and for anyone who might wanna say "just mint NFT on your own work and profit from it"

it's still environmentally bad, and minting NFT costs money to begin with

fuck NFT

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