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*solemnly sticking this post to the top of my feed*

Forgive me father, for I have pinned.

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Your heart is a muscle - the size of your fist!

Keep on loving, keep on fighting.

And hold on, and hold on...

hold on for your life.

The Kurdish Red Crescent is not currently supported by any charity platforms that I can find, so there are two options to donate:
1) Send it to me, and I'll donate on your behalf (and post proof).
2) Donate directly during stream (and then tell me to get a spin!).

For more information on the ongoing situation, see:

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late capitalism nihilist malaise-posting 

there really should be more Molotov cocktails being thrown about at this point

 ✨ 💫   ☄

Omg babe are you cozycore? Are you cuddlepilled?? Babe are you comfyhands???

Extremely lewd shitposting 

Turns out I'm actually a woman trapped in the body of another woman.

My fingers are stuck.

Please help us.

To paraphrase mahkno: death to all who hit on people at work for some fucking reason what the shit. 🏴 :blackcat:

Shout out to the old dude trying to both hit on me and yell at me about the "plandemic" while I'm at work.

It's been 18 months, guy. How are you still like this.

Once again we have copies of Japanese anarchist nihilist Fumiko Kaneko’s autobiography, written in prison while on trial for plotting to assassinate the emperor of Japan. DM if you want one!

Check out my new hat.

Surgeon general's warning: Hat may bite. Operate with caution.

I fundamentally refuse to believe the "blockchain llama landlord simulator" is real.

So Akame Ga Kill is Marxist (or at least I'm decreeing that it is), Full Metal Alchemist is kinda rad... what other leftist animes are out there?

What should some nerd who's still pretty new to anime watch that has lefty themes?

Why do allergy meds only work for "some" allergies, leaving me switching between them depending on the time of year never able to remember which is which until it's too late? Why can't I simply acquire a big allergy orb that does everything? Alternatively, why can't I lie down on the ground and become a cozy log?

Please boost as a reminder to the many, many creators who design pins and flags for literally every other identity, for people who forget or don't know that we are failed by the medical system the instant we're born, and for the rest of our lives, again and again.
We go into the hospital and say we're cis or trans, because otherwise we WILL be refused treatment out of hand.
Intersex People Exist, and we have a place in pride.

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