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Your heart is a muscle - the size of your fist!

Keep on loving, keep on fighting.

And hold on, and hold on...

hold on for your life.

the two lesbian emotions (joking) 

Any dude who sincerely believes in the concept of alpha males just needs to calm down and get pegged

Spent the entire day exhausted and ready to pass out, and now it's friggin 12:20am and I can't bloody sleep. What the heck timezone is my body in??

you know what? fuck this. I'm gonna go be happy instead

What's this? Why, it's Immanuel Kant at his desk! He is quite the stately German gentleman indeed on this fine day. The sun is shining and he is having a thought so profound, so incomprehensible in its majesty, that we can scarcely describe it here without rending your mind quite in twain. Ah, and here he is writing it down! Let us see what he has written here, the latest of his extensive diaries. It says, in impeccable handwriting, with quite the flourish at the end, "nutting loads"

art selfie sketch 

art selfie sketch 

Practicing sketching up human humans instead of cartoon humans, and uhhh. How the heck do you draw an actual nose without it looking weird as hell??

Or is this only a problem if your subject (me doing a silly face) has a majestically large snozz?

I bet there are youtube videos on this...

This though.

“Fuck the police means that we don’t act like cops”

My clothes tear from my flesh as discernibly non-gendered hair erupts all over my body, howling at the moon about trans rights and spite.

That's right mastodon: I am the dreaded them/their-wolf.

Woke up on the wrong side of something this morning, and I am jam-packed with piss&vinegar for absolutely no discernable reason.

Is this the power of the full moon? Am I a discount werewolf?

people just don't realize how transphobia is literally a death sentence

folks really don't understand how excusing marginalizations at any fucking level excuses a society that shuns/bullies/kills people for fucking existing

Lol so lobster daddy (jordan peterson)'s 'anti-censorship, but also curated' social network has both a monthly fee, and pay to unlock content.

Which I guess makes sense when your target market is Gamers.

I soooo want 1312 Day to become this important anarchist holiday where we all give each other stolen and DIY-ed gifts and go on graffiti sprees together and have a big party in every squat at night and maybe some riots.

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