Space engineers posting, video games 

Space engineers posting, video games 

The sleepiest girl in this here morning? Yurr looking at her.

Nice old lady walking by with just... the biggest baguette I have ever seen?

She is brandishing it like a sword at the crows now.

re: Regarding terf-y rhetoric 

Every time someone says "biologically female" a baby hedgehog sheds a tear.

Please. Think of the hedge hogs.

i kiss girls like you for breakfast


This is a song about a militant social movement that had its golden age in beginning of the 17th century :pirate_flag:


amazon, propaganda dogs 

nonsense drawings 

Ok soooo, although it is going to take some getting used to, this drawing tablet is already 10/10 because not only can I doodle (objectively perfect) selfies on break - I can spam the internet with them!

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