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*solemnly sticking this post to the top of my feed*

Forgive me father, for I have pinned.

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Your heart is a muscle - the size of your fist!

Keep on loving, keep on fighting.

And hold on, and hold on...

hold on for your life.

The Ojibwe word for hello is "bozhoo" pronounced like the start of bougoise with zhu on the end. The French word for hello, bonjour, sounds very similar. This predates contact between the cultures, and you can imagine the hilarious scene when the French made first contact with the Ojibwe.

The word comes from a shortened version of "Nanaboozhoo", which itself is the name of a mythical figure and trickster who helped give names to the plants and the animals, and then left and said he would return. People would originally greet each other saying, "Are you Nanaboozhoo?" but language shortened it down to just "Bozhoo"

Congrats to Slovenia for being topped by communist furries, I guess.

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Popping in Twitter to see that not only is trending, the chudbots picked up on it and are, uh, confused as hell.

humans already know how to drive. we don't need a driving machine. the only two reasons you'd want to spend billions developing a self-driving car when a cheaper, more reliable technology (that is to say, the bus) already exists is if you
(1) specifically want to prevent poor people from travelling
(2) really, really hate unions

a capitalist landlord needs the threat of eviction and homelessness hanging over your head in order to be able to continue extracting rent. a feudal landlord wants you to stay put because they're not going to work their own fields and because they know if they evict you you'll probably just become a bandit and start causing trouble

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the difference between a feudal landlord and a capitalist one is that a feudal one has a vested interest to not evict you

all my homies love making no excuse for the terror

fucked up to be raised with the understanding that showing emotional vulnerability is weakness

Cis people with my deadname? All trash, I don't trust at all

Trans people with the same deadname as me? Cool, fun, friends

Trans people who picked my deadname as their own? Powerful, radical, inspiring


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Help I'm trying to play skaven but I can't stop singing about being rats. We're... the rats!

on racism and human nature 

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on racism and human nature 

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on racism and human nature 

gimme a D! :lazer_D:
gimme an E! :lazer_E:
gimme an "ath to America"!

what does that spell?

:lazer_D: :lazer_E: :lazer_A: :lazer_T: :lazer_H: :lazer_T: :lazer_O: :lazer_A: :lazer_M: :lazer_E: :lazer_R: :lazer_I: :lazer_C: :lazer_A:


Whenever someone is like “oh do you have a story about a time you did X or felt Y” I’m just like, wait do y’all like. Remember your lives? Do y’all remember things that happen to you????? Y’all have working memories?????????

Anyways there's no moral here. Home timeline isn't back up yet, I'm sleepy, and so I'm just rambling to fill the void.

Caring for this bird did get me started with wheat pasting and petty theft extremely young tho, and so that is like... pretty rad.

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