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Happy Fine Femme International Women's Day (selfies, no ec, boosts+) 

Impounding business analysis, long (1/7) 


Be like water my fellow leftists.
The weak will always inevitably overcome the strong
like water eroding stone.
It is the natural dialectical relationship of all things.

thispersondoesnotexist, ephemerality, facticity 

Just to remind those that follow me, I am a YouTube account, so if you haven't checked out my channel or subscribed, you should consider it. Also, if you enjoy my content, I have a Patreon ( and a Paypal account (

made some new music... got a very specific syncopated groove going on here... very push and pull... recommend you listen with whichever pair of ears is best at being unmoored...

hello everybody, i worked really hard on this song/video and it would mean a lot to me if you checked it out!!


Daily reminder not to deprive people of their agency

You might get phone calls or see on the news that you should report homeless people who are out in the cold to a number who will take them to a shelter. Don’t do that. Ask them if they want to go and if they don’t do. Not. Call. I understand that it is hard to do, and you are worried. But they are people and they don’t want to go and they have agency. Please.

I have a certain practice of trying to share and promote small YouTubers. Here's a good one:

Capitalist philosopher: The first rule of economics is that there's not enough for everyone.

*researches the amount of used land on the planet*
*researches the yearly amount of wasted food*
*finds a list of some patents that would be very helpful for public use*
*acknowledges massive technological advancement in manufacturing*
*is generally aware of the legal state of hemp*

Me: ...I am unconvinced.

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