only U.S. Marines read this 

the names of those who did not abandon knzk shall be engraved upon the monuments we build to them. epics will be written, and sung for generations. and if knzk shall ever meet its true demise, those who fought will be remembered and cherished by history.

Saving Private Ryan but it's eugen getting knzk federated again

Thank you for my time squatting here. I will prolly be returning to KNZK. Follow me on there if you would like.

Can't wait til this is all fixed and everyone comes back to find the KNZK survivors have constructed a functioning, and very kitsch, post-apoc civilisation

Furiously banging on the glass cage that is knzk, yearning to be free to frolic with my friends

*Yells down hole after weeks of digging at caved in mine shaft for a possible survivor*

"KNZK can you hear me? If you're down there, please say something!"

so you know how im workin on a really wild play this month? well the director's latest idea is that for the finale the actors are gonna floss while chanting the final lines of the communist manifesto

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