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lewd, light exhibitionism 

Stretchy shorts are fun.

Long socks and stretchy shorts make a great combination.

Lewd joking 

Sex? Yes, please.

Gender? No thanks, my mom warned me against making deals with fae.

Being right doesn't absolve me of being an asshole.


It's funny because we're all dying of isolation, loneliness, alienation, and emotional disconnection.

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The joke is that a home that has an independent structure but which directly abuts an adjacent building on at least one side can be referred to as a "semi-detached home"

Bonus, thanks to urban sprawl and yards, semi-detached homes aren't very common in the US

You could say that where Europeans get to have semi-detached homes, Americans get to have emotionally-detached homes


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American families mostly live in emotionally-detached homes lol

lewd, tits 

@werefox Yep, still a cutie.

Thanks for sharing <3

@qdot No, I'm fairly certain that @Gankra 's wife has the language for it, as evidenced.

Wealth inequality doesn't just hurt the poor, it also hurts the wealthy

beyond the wasted resources inherent to poverty, fewer people who you can socialize with, et cetera.

The people I think are hurt most by extreme wealth inequality are the children of abusive parents, rich or poor

No personal resources to support yourself outside of people who want to hurt you. Poverty is not easy, but with the right skills it can survivable, but only if you learned those skills. Kids of rich abusive parents are not going to teach their kids the skills needed to survive poverty.

There's some irony in the children of the most wealthy being the ones most hurt by wealth inequality when such a large part of the rationale for hoarding resources is to give a better life for your kids

I think it more interesting to celebrate pi day on November 10th (or 9th on a leap year)

Put another way, and something to think about, why is the internet overwhelmingly American? What makes the internet less pervasive as a social tool for Europeans, who in most cases have equivalent or better internet access?

My theory is hyperconsumption, capitalism, and community isolation. Europe is less affected by these factors. Capitalism rules over social and community interactions in the US in ways that would be appalling to most Europeans.

I don't think that Eugen can really grasp the horrific isolation and alienation from culture that is endemic and integral to the United States, without spending time here.

He's maintaining a platform to connect isolated alienated people together without really understanding what it is that he's doing

The experience of living as an average person anywhere in Europe is so fundamentally different from living anywhere in the US as an average person is so vast as to be nearly literally alien

The way that people relate to each other on large-scale social media is a consequence of the populace of the united States being very dispersed, isolated, and alienated from each other, their neighbors, their family. Europeans develop an understanding of how people of adjacent regions are different culturally, and that's okay.

Meanwhile American monoculture is imposed on the populace, through physical and social violence.


Oh wait, you're rewatching it as an analysis exercise, not a first watch, yeah?

You mean like if Korra had sided with weird fascist earth kingdom woman instead of... wait is that season 4? Sorry, spoilers.

It's much simpler than that.

Eugen doesn't understand the main demographic of Mastodon because he's never lived in the US.

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