You've heard of the winds of change?

Well, get ready for the Calamitous Gale of Transformation!

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Calamitous Gale would be a great band name, or even better, villain name.

It's so windy it sounds like I'm sitting in this camper as it's moving down the freeway.

@swansinflight Anxiety is a survival adaptation. If it is not contributing to your survival, then kill it.


@thegibson A good plan today is better than a perfect plan tomorrow.

I will ruin everything and when I am done, you will see that it was never anything except a pile of lies anyway.

@naln1 all shall be well, friend. Things won't seem so bad after sleep.

Someone once razzed me about listening to Carbon Leaf so I stopped listening to them for years, but God damn it, their music slaps, and Let Your Troubles Roll By is the anthem of my life.

5 gecs is my limit.

100 is way out of spec.

1000 is absolutely out of the question

France stuff 

Here's a fun fact, Paris was designed to make rebellions more difficult to start, and easier to put down.

While the US interstate system was established to move military personnel and materials quickly and easily, Paris's wide boulevards were meant to make barricades less feasible, while also enabling the government to rapidly mobilize troops.

Also lol get fucked macron.

I use blank keycaps. You can't really see the key faces when the split boards are in a good ergonomic position, and all of your commonly-used keys should be on layer-1 anyway, meaning that you'll have them memorized fairly readily.

To me, the purpose of keycap legends is for making the KB usable to people who aren't familiar with it.

In the case of a customized personalized device like a split keyboard... why would anyone else use it?

It's like sharing earplugs. Get your own lol

RSTHD is a layout designed/intended for split KBs with thumb clusters

I modified mine by switching D and P to make it into RSTHP.
@thegibson @benbrown

I highly recommend RSTHD layout.

The optimizing makes it really comfortable to type with, and only a few common words are a little awkward to type.
@thegibson @benbrown

Also, spelling out that it functions via a simple threshold of IP addresses is really just telling people how to abuse their system.

It's dumb and bad in implementation, and they're dumb and bad for revealing the implementation.

re: lewd, light exhibitionism 

I'm fairly certain you were wearing shorts and long socks. Exceedingly cute, but you already knew that.

lewd, light exhibitionism 

I'm more of a skirt and long socks kind of person. If access is the goal, why impede it more than necessary?

The real line is somewhere between where you decide it is and full burnout.

The closer to burnout that you decide the real line is, the harder you'll burn out when you find it.

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