Asking traumatized people to help you heal from your trauma isn't a winning strategy.

I bet I'm going to get people saying "isn't that what you're doing by asking BIPOC to cater to white peoples' trauma?"

No, I never suggested that's what anyone should do. I agree that's unreasonable.

All I really want is for *someone* to acknowledge that they're asking traumatized people to help them heal from trauma.

That's not what I'm asking, but it's what a lot of people are asking.

Go outside.

@Anarkat I went outside. There are a few cars driving by at this late hour. None of the window shaking gravel trucks that pass every day though. The neighbors across the street and down the alley have some holiday lights up. I've never seen them leave their house. It's too cold to stay outside much at the moment, so I came back in. I didn't see anyone around.


@cy Sounds like where you're at isn't conducive to personal growth.

@Anarkat Yeah, just... people say it's as simple as going outside, as if the reason for our problems is our stubborn aversion to going outdoors because we're antisocial slobs who probably deserve to be alone. Those people just want the world to be a good place where bad things only happen to people who deserve it, but... the reality is there's so much more to do than just go outside. I have to figure out how to get people out of their own isolation, and actually interact with me.

@Anarkat That's why "touch grass" is hate speech, because what must you think of someone who can't even be bothered to touch grass? They have to be an awful person, and it's okay that they're suffering all is well in the world, and... that's why I never ever tell anyone to touch grass.
Well except for when I'm attaching this particular picture.

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