The internet is primarily a space where traumatized people go.

Consider the efficacy of seeking to heal from trauma surrounded by traumatized people.

@Anarkat Every time the therapist suggests peer counseling, I'm like

@cy Yeah, I used to be a Brony, too. I still have all the saved images from my brony days. They're all on my old computer, though, which is about 80 miles away from me right now.

When I get back to it, I'll try to remember to pull my brony pics off of it.

I was one of the OG 4channer /b/ronies going way back to 2013. It was a big part of my life when I was a part of it.

@Anarkat I meant the pony's reaction, not the pony specifically. But yeah I've been a fan of MLP since... pretty young actually. Like, actual G1 fan. Found some of my old toys once, not in good condition but they did exist.
Anyway, my point is that having depressed people counsel depressed people about their depression is... an awful idea by awful people.

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