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I always get asked why I promote youth rights and alt-education systems. Always have even when I (thought I) was right-libertarian.

Societal change starts with the youth. Even many here probably aren't "woke" enough, haven't internalized critical concepts that go against our authoritarian upbringing. You want to see a more free, democratic and libertarian world? Start by challenging authoritarian attitudes we communicate to kids in the home, the school, and in how we make community decisions

Trying to introduce my nephew to participatory democracy by having family votes. Kids are deliberately trained to regard democratic participation cynically with no experience with them (nothing democratic about schools, for example) so I thought this might help introduce the idea that their opinions and feelings count.

It's telling that there are chore apps, censorship, monitoring tools GALORE for Android, but tools for implementing liquid democracy within a family or small group barely exist.

Is there a guide to inserting those neat little flags and stuff? Oh wait... yeah nevermind, found it. :blackcat: :heart_eyes_cat_bi: :anarchiststar:

I am now fully equipped...

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Thinking about how fucked up it is that we tell children the myth of Santa claus in order to introduce them to the concept of living under a surveillance state

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If ur gay you should be allowed to take money out of the salvation army cans.

I keep forgetting about this place, which sucks because it's one of the most uplifting places on the interwebs. It's like Imgur but without the bootlickers.

*Random Rant*
"Why do you write big responses to things?"

As if that's a flaw. When someone can write five pages showing precisely how badly you fucked up and how simplistic your point of view is, you don't get to just go "lol tl;dr" and think you'll get anything less than laughed at.

If anyone knows of other good instances to join on Mastodon, I'd love to hear it. I don't even have a Twitter, and this is like... hard-mode Twitter.

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